Ticket #16387: torlog

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1Jun 21 13:28:34.000 [info] {CIRC} pathbias_check_close(): Circuit 32 remote-closed without successful use for reason 520. Circuit purpose 5 currently 1,open. Len 3.
2Jun 21 13:28:34.000 [info] {REND} remove_invalid_intro_points(): Attempting to retry on $E2F7BFCF593CF5E1BD90D8F5CF37C6654C290B10~salacristo at as intro point for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (circuit disappeared).
3Jun 21 13:28:34.000 [info] {REND} rend_service_launch_establish_intro(): Launching circuit to introduction point $E2F7BFCF593CF5E1BD90D8F5CF37C6654C290B10~salacristo at for service xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4Jun 21 13:28:34.000 [info] {CIRC} onion_pick_cpath_exit(): Using requested exit node '$E2F7BFCF593CF5E1BD90D8F5CF37C6654C290B10~salacristo at'
5Jun 21 13:28:34.000 [info] {CIRC} circuit_handle_first_hop(): Next router is $B72C75D7004A7B5A5D99E995A21633332713AE52~hayate at Not connected. Connecting.
6Jun 21 13:28:34.000 [info] {NET} connection_connect_sockaddr(): connect() to socket failed: Network is unreachable
7Jun 21 13:28:34.000 [info] {CIRC} circuit_handle_first_hop(): connect to firsthop failed. Closing.
8Jun 21 13:28:34.000 [info] {REND} rend_service_launch_establish_intro(): Can't launch circuit to establish introduction at $E2F7BFCF593CF5E1BD90D8F5CF37C6654C290B10~salacristo at
9Jun 21 13:28:34.000 [warn] {REND} Error launching circuit to node $E2F7BFCF593CF5E1BD90D8F5CF37C6654C290B10~salacristo at for service xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.