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alogcat orbot on Android 2.3.4 Samsung Galaxy Mini

1I/ActivityManager(  162): Starting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.MAIN flg=0x10000000 cmp=org.torproject.android/.Orbot bnds=[182,83][238,149] } from pid 235
2I/ActivityManager(  162): Start proc org.torproject.android for activity org.torproject.android/.Orbot: pid=978 uid=10084 gids={3003}
3I/ActivityManager(  162): Displayed org.torproject.android/.Orbot: +1s260ms
4I/InputDispatcher(  162): Delivering key to current input target: action: 0, channel '40932100 org.torproject.android/org.torproject.android.Orbot (server)'
5I/InputDispatcher(  162): Delivering key to current input target: action: 1, channel '40932100 org.torproject.android/org.torproject.android.Orbot (server)'
6I/InputDispatcher(  162): Delivering touch to current input target: action: 0, channel '40ad8528 AtchDlg:org.torproject.android/org.torproject.android.Orbot (server)'
7I/InputDispatcher(  162): Delivering touch to current input target: action: 1, channel '40ad8528 AtchDlg:org.torproject.android/org.torproject.android.Orbot (server)'
8I/Orbot   (  978): debug logging:true
9D/Orbot   (  978): Orbot is starting...
10D/Orbot   (  978): /data/data/org.torproject.android/app_bin/tor DataDirectory /data/data/org.torproject.android/cache -f /data/data/org.torproject.android/app_bin/torrc || exit
11D/Orbot   (  978): executing shell cmds: /data/data/org.torproject.android/app_bin/tor DataDirectory /data/data/org.torproject.android/cache -f /data/data/org.torproject.android/app_bin/torrc || exit
12D/Orbot   (  978): ; runAsRoot=false;waitFor=false
13D/Orbot   (  978): got tor proc id: 1002
14D/Orbot   (  978): Tor process id=1002
15D/Orbot   (  978): Connecting to control port: 9051
16D/Orbot   (  978): SUCCESS connected to control port
17D/Orbot   (  978): SUCCESS authenticated to control port
18D/Orbot   (  978): adding control port event handler
19D/Orbot   (  978): SUCCESS added control port event handler
20I/Orbot   (  978): debug logging:true
21D/Orbot   (  978): [Tor Control Port] NOTICE: Your ContactInfo config option is not set. Please consider setting it, so we can contact you if your server is misconfigured or something else goes wrong.
22D/Orbot   (  978): [Tor Control Port] NOTICE: Opening OR listener on
23D/Orbot   (  978): [Tor Control Port] NOTICE: Your Tor server's identity key fingerprint is 'OrbotRelay 54EACC1000F988B5E22B8E993AE169508D2DAA5E'
24D/Orbot   (  978): [Tor Control Port] WARN: Unable to stat resolver configuration in '/etc/resolv.conf': No such file or directory
25D/Orbot   (  978): [Tor Control Port] ERR: set_options(): Bug: Acting on config options left us in a broken state. Dying.