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5<title>Tor User Manual</title>
9<h1 id="tor-user-manual">Tor User Manual</h1>
10<p>Author: Runa A. Sandvik<br />
11Contact: <a href="mailto:help@rt.torproject.org">help@rt.torproject.org</a>, available in Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Mandarin, and Spanish<br />
12Version: 1.0</p>
14<hr />
16<h4>Table of Contents</h4>
18    <a href="#introduction">1. Introduction</a><br />
19    <a href="#how-tor-works">2. How Tor works</a><br />
20    <a href="#how-to-download-tor">3. How to download Tor</a><br />
21    <a href="#how-to-use-tor">4. How to use Tor</a><br /> 
22    <a href="#how-to-upgrade-tor">5. How to upgrade Tor</a><br />
23    <a href="#what-to-do-when-tor-does-not-connect">6. What to do when Tor does not connect</a><br />
24    <a href="#an-introduction-to-tor-bridges">7. An introduction to Tor bridges</a><br />
25    <a href="#frequently-asked-questions">8. Frequently Asked Questions</a><br />
26    <ul>
27        <a href="#vidalia-asks-for-a-password">8.1 Vidalia asks for a password</a><br />
28        <a href="#flash-does-not-work">8.2 Flash does not work</a><br />
29        <a href="#i-want-to-use-another-browser">8.3 I want to use the browser I normally use</a><br />
30        <a href="#why-tor-is-slow">8.4 Why Tor is slow</a><br />
31    </ul>
34<h2><a id="introduction"></a>1. Introduction</h2>
35<p>This manual contains information about how to download the Tor
36Browser Bundle and use it to browse the Internet, as well as information
37about what you can do if Tor is unable to connect to the network. If you
38can't find the answer to your question in this document, contact the
39Tor help desk at <code><a
40href="mailto:help@rt.torproject.org">help@rt.torproject.org</a></code>. The
41help desk is run by a dedicated team of Tor Project members who will
42respond to your questions as quickly as possible.</p>
44<h2 id="how-tor-works">2. How Tor works</h2>
45<p>Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that allows you to improve your
46privacy and security on the Internet. Tor works by sending your traffic
47through three random servers (also known as <em>relays</em>) in the Tor
48network, before the traffic is sent out onto the public Internet.</p>
49<p>The image above illustrates browsing to different websites over Tor.
50The green monitors represent relays in the Tor network, while the three
51keys represent the layers of encryption between your computer and each
53<p>Tor will anonymize the origin of your traffic, encrypt everything
54between your computer and the Tor network, and encrypt your traffic
55inside the Tor network. However, Tor will not encrypt your traffic
56between the Tor network and its final destination.</p>
57<p>If you are communicating sensitive information, for example when
58logging on to a website with a username and password, make sure that you
59are using HTTPS (e.g.
60<code><strong>https</strong>://torproject.org/</code>, not
63<h2 id="how-to-download-tor">3. How to download Tor</h2>
64<p>The package we recommend to most users is the <a
65href="https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html">Tor Browser
66Bundle</a>. However, if you are in a country where Tor is likely to be
67blocked, you may want to get the <a
69Transports Tor Browser Bundle</a> instead.</p>
71<p>Both bundles contain a browser preconfigured for use with Tor and are
72easy to get started with: download one of the packages to your Desktop,
73extract the archive in the same place, and start Tor. The software will
74do the job of connecting you to the network and to the over 4000 relays
75around the world.</p>
77<p>You can download the Tor Browser Bundle and the Pluggable Transports
78Tor Browser Bundle from our website by clicking on the links above. If
79you are unable to access our website, please contact the Tor help desk
80at <code><a
82for a list of website mirrors that you can use instead.</p>
84<p>Our software is also available for Android-based phones, tablets, and
85computers from <a href="https://guardianproject.info/">The Guardian
86Project</a> in their <a
88Repository</a> and in the <a
89href="https://play.google.com/store/search?q=guardianproject&amp;so=1&amp;c=apps">Google Play Store</a>.</p>
91<h2 id="how-to-use-tor">4. How to use Tor</h2>
92<p>After downloading and extracting the package onto your Desktop, you
93will be able to use Tor by running "Start Tor Browser" (or
94"start-tor-browser" on Linux). You will first see Vidalia, a control
95panel, start up and connect you to the network, followed by the Tor
96Browser confirming that you are now using Tor. This is done by
97displaying <a
99You can now browse the Internet through Tor.</p>
101<p><b>NOTE: </b>The Tor Browser Bundle will not provide anonymity to any
102other software or browsers that you have installed or will install on
103your computer. You need to use the browser that comes with Tor.</p>
105<h2 id="how-to-upgrade-tor">5. How to upgrade Tor</h2>
106<p>The <a
108page will let you know when a new version of Tor is available. To
109upgrade Tor, do the following:</p>
112<li>Download the new version to the same place you downloaded the old one (your Desktop is a good place)</li>
113<li>If you are already running Tor, make sure you close the browser and Vidalia</li> 
114<li>Extract the new version and let it overwrite the old one</li>
115<li>Start Tor by running "Start Tor Browser" (or "start-tor-browser" on Linux)</li>
118<h2 id="what-to-do-when-tor-does-not-connect">6. What to do when Tor does not connect</h2>
119<p>In some cases, it will appear as if Vidalia is stuck when trying to
120connect to the network. If this happens, check the Vidalia message log
121for errors: open the Vidalia control panel, click on click on
122<em>Message Log</em> and select the <em>Advanced</em> tab. It may be
123that Tor won't connect because:</p>
124<p><strong>The system clock is off</strong>: Make sure that the date and
125time on your system is correct, for example by synchronizing the system
126clock with an Internet time server. Once that's done, restart Tor.</p>
127<p><strong>You are behind a restrictive firewall</strong>: To tell Tor
128to only try port 80 and port 443, open the Vidalia control panel, click
129on <em>Settings</em> and <em>Network</em>, and tick the box that says
130<em>My firewall only lets me connect to certain ports</em>.</p>
131<p><strong>Your anti-virus program is blocking Tor</strong>: Make sure
132that your anti-virus program is not preventing Tor from making network
134<p>If Tor still doesn't work, it's likely that your Internet Service
135Provider (ISP) is blocking Tor. Very often this can be worked around
136with <strong>Tor bridges</strong> (see below for more information).</p>
137<p>If you need help with figuring out why Vidalia is stuck, contact the
138Tor help desk at <code><a
141<h2 id="an-introduction-to-tor-bridges">7. An introduction to Tor bridges</h2>
142<p><a href="https://www.torproject.org/docs/bridges.html.en">Tor
143bridges</a> are hidden relays which make Tor more difficult to block. To
144use a bridge, you will first have to locate one; you can visit <a
146or you can send an email to <code><a
148If you decide to send an email, please make sure that you write
149<code><strong>get bridges</strong></code> in the body of the email.
150Without this, you will not get a reply.</p>
152<p>Configuring more than one bridge address will make your Tor
153connection more stable, in case some of the bridges become unreachable.
154There is no guarantee that the bridge you are using now will work
155tomorrow, so you should make a habit of updating your list of bridges
156every so often.</p>
158<p>Once you have a set of bridges to use, open the Vidalia control panel, click on <em>Settings</em>, <em>Network</em> and tick the box that says <em>My ISP blocks connections to the Tor network</em>. Enter the bridges in the box below, hit <em>OK</em> and start Tor again.</p>
160<h2 id="frequently-asked-questions">8. Frequently Asked Questions</h2>
161<p>This section will answer some of the most common questions. If your
162question is not mentioned here, please send an email to <code><a
165<h3 id="vidalia-asks-for-a-password">8.2 Vidalia asks for a password</h3>
166<p>You should not have to enter a password when starting Vidalia. If you are prompted for one, you are likely affected by one of these problems:</p>
167<p><strong>Vidalia and Tor are already running</strong>: For example, this situation can happen if you installed the Vidalia bundle and now you're trying to run the Tor Browser Bundle. In that case, you will need to close the old Vidalia and Tor before you can run this one.</p>
168<p><strong>Vidalia crashed, but left Tor running</strong>: If the dialog that prompts you for a control password has a Reset button, you can click the button and Vidalia will restart Tor with a new random control password. If you do not see a Reset button, or if Vidalia is unable to restart Tor for you; go into your process or task manager, and terminate the Tor process. Then use Vidalia to restart Tor.</p>
170<p>For more information, see the <a href="https://torproject.org/docs/faq.html#VidaliaPassword">FAQ</a> on the Tor Project website.</p>
171<h3 id="flash-does-not-work">8.3 Flash does not work</h3>
172<p>For security reasons, Flash, Java, and other plugins are currently
173disabled for Tor. Plugins operate independently from Firefox and can
174perform activity on your computer that ruins your anonymity.</p>
175<p>Most YouTube videos work with HTML5, and it is possible to view these videos over Tor.</p>
177<h3 id="i-want-to-use-another-browser">8.4 I want to use the browser I normally use</h3>
178<p>For security reasons, we recommend that you only browse the web through Tor using the Tor Browser Bundle. It is technically possible to use Tor with other browsers, but by doing so you open yourself up to potential attacks.</p>
180<h3 id="why-tor-is-slow">8.5 Why Tor is slow</h3>
181<p>Tor can sometimes be a bit slower than your normal Internet connection. After all, your traffic is sent through many different countries, sometimes across oceans around the world!</p>