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Core Tor Dec 2016 - Jan 2017 report

1Core Tor Team Dec/16 & Jan/17 Report
3In December our team was finishing two big releases, our new stable 0.2.8 and alpha series. But we also had some time to start investigating and preparing things for planning our next big project, which is to reduce Tor overhead for low-bandwidth scenarios as much as possible, with a focus on the directory protocol.
5We reviewed proposals and past discussions on the subject and in January as we came back from holidays we put together an execution plan[1]. Which lists questions we should investigate more to help shape the focus of our work and a list of mitigation we can be executing in a 'near' timeframe.
7In short our plan is:
9        * Measure! [2] Begin in January, start having results within 2 weeks, coding done within 1 month, all results done within 2 months.
10        * Design! [3] Begin in January, finish within 2 months, depending on measurement.
11        * Implement! [4] Begin within a month. Additional time TBD based on previous steps.
12        * Allow post-implementation time for debugging, and further improvements TBD as we find them.
14Each one of these phases now has 'master tickets' that hosts all the tasks related to accomplishing them. And start working on the first 'Measurement' task [5] which is to find a way to measure, over time, split up by type of directory request, how much bandwidth a client uses for requests and for responses.