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#26713 relays should explicitly dirty their descriptors on entering/exiting hibernation, rather than implicitly doing it by triggering a bandwidth change arma tor-relay hibernation 18 months ago Core Tor/Tor Tor: unspecified
#26906 Add sbws Debian package in deb.tpo juga juga 14 months ago Internal Services/Service - deb.tpo
#7281 Bandwidth auths should publish average and weighted onionskin failure rates mikeperry privcount 14 months ago Core Tor/Torflow
#16386 Chutney generates network with no bandwidth weights asn SponsorS 14 months ago Core Tor/Chutney
#21994 Consensus Health: what is the distribution of a bandwidth authority's measurements? tom teor 18 months ago Metrics/Consensus Health
#17036 Report bandwidth more frequently in test networks teor 1 041-proposed SponsorS-deferred tor-testing tor-relay 8 months ago Core Tor/Tor Tor: unspecified #29019
#24250 In a private network some relays advertise zero bandwidth-observed Sebastian 1 034-triage-20180328, 034-removed-20180328, 031-unreached-backport, 032-unreached-backport, 033-unreached-backport 5 days ago Core Tor/Tor Tor: unspecified #29005
#28582 Document the load-balancing goal for sbws teor 0.2 teor-backlog, tor-spec, sbws-1.0-nice-moved-20181128, teor-unreached-2019-03-08, no-changes-version, docs, sbws-11x-final-removed-20190312, doc, 041-deferred-20190530 6 months ago Core Tor/Tor Tor: unspecified
#32775 Remove 0.2.9 from chutney's CI teor 0.1 chutney-ci, teor-backlog, network-team-roadmap-2020Q1 4 weeks ago Core Tor/Chutney #30067
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