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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#7549 Facilitator should not give client registrations to Tor exits jct enhancement closed Medium
#8424 Facilitator drop privileges dcf defect closed Medium
#9008 FP: Firefox can't establish a connection to ws:xxx:9000 dcf defect closed Medium
#7620 Extended OR port support for websocket server dcf enhancement closed High
#6383 Email registration helper dcf project closed Medium
#7147 Don't use undefined socket.IPPROTO_IPV6 on Windows dcf defect closed Medium
#8463 Don't require '=' padding in indirect URL registration aallai enhancement closed Low
#9185 Don't log IP addresses in registration helpers dcf defect closed High
#9170 Don't log IP addresses by default in flashproxy.js dcf defect closed High
#9991 Document internal facilitator protocol. dcf task closed Medium
#10042 Document inner/outer transports infinity0 defect closed Medium
#7110 Do real parsing of boolean query string parameters dcf defect closed Low
#6293 Disable self when running in Tor browser dcf defect closed Medium
#5425 Decouple flash proxy facilitator front- and backend dcf task closed Medium
#7883 Consider and potentially implement the integration of pyptlib in flashproxy asn task closed Medium
#8201 Combined flash proxy + pyobfsproxy browser bundles XP usabillity. dcf defect closed Medium
#8202 Combined flash proxy + pyobfsproxy browser bundles XP usabillity. dcf defect closed Medium
#7721 Chrome browser add-on dcf task closed Low
#6330 Catch output and exit status of registration helpers dcf defect closed Low
#8284 Catch SSL read error in facilitator-email-poller dcf defect closed Medium
#7809 Can .manifest files be included in the binaries? aallai task closed Low
#12837 Bump flashproxy nodejs module version for publishing dcf task closed Medium
#9025 Badge portuguese translation dcf task closed Low
#8830 Automatic export of localized badge graphics dcf enhancement closed Low
#7621 Alpha flash proxy browser bundle aallai task closed High
#10211 Allow node-flashproxy to read unix-style command line options arlolra enhancement closed Medium
#8172 Adjust proxy polling interval to maintain desired level of service dcf enhancement closed Medium
#7622 Add -4 and -6 options to flashproxy-client and flashproxy-reg-http dcf defect closed Medium
#8300 Adblock Plus + Easylist in Chrome blocks Flashproxy dcf defect closed Medium
#10847 "" test fetches dependencies dcf defect closed Medium
#10289 "make install" doesn't install flashproxy-common modules defect closed Low
#8626 "Too many open files" in websocket-transport dcf defect closed Medium
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