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#9229 While bootstrapping, Tor clients stall for 60s when obfsproxy bridges are used. 60s, consensus, stall, obfsproxy, flashproxy, tbb-needs, 024-backport, 025-triaged, andrea-review-0254, tbb-tor-backported-3.6b1 asn defect closed Medium
#8201 Combined flash proxy + pyobfsproxy browser bundles XP usabillity. GEOIP IPv4 file dcf defect closed Medium
#8202 Combined flash proxy + pyobfsproxy browser bundles XP usabillity. GEOIP IPv4 file dcf defect closed Medium
#7167 Combine traffic obfuscation with address diversity of flash proxy SponsorF20131101 flashproxy fog asn project closed Medium
#7166 Package and advertise flash proxy SponsorJ dcf project closed High
#8126 Increase WebSocket message size limit in websocket-server easy dcf defect closed Medium
#9006 Proxy should not contact facilitator if given "relay" and "client" parameters. easy dcf defect closed Low
#9069 Set have_websocket_binary_frames for Firefox easy dcf defect closed Medium
#5195 pyobfsproxy should use a proxy if tor so desires flashproxy chiiph defect closed Medium
#7160 Move facilitator to a neutral dedicated domain flashproxy dcf task closed High
#8019 Replace TBB with pluggable transports TBB flashproxy erinn project closed Medium
#8274 PyInstaller binaries have build username in them flashproxy erinn defect closed Medium
#8416 Programmatize PT bundle building flashproxy dcf defect closed Medium
#8644 Pluggable transports bundles need an independent version number flashproxy asn defect closed Medium
#8645 Pluggable transports bundles warn of need to upgrade when no new version is yet available flashproxy asn defect closed Medium
#8650 potential license issues for the PT bundles flashproxy erinn defect closed Immediate
#8804 Windows Pluggable Transports Browser is a dead link flashproxy defect closed High
#8942 Update gnulinux pluggable transports bundle instructions for Debian 7 flashproxy asn task closed Medium
#8943 Use of __file__ incompatible with py2exe flashproxy asn defect closed Medium
#8944 pyobfsproxy rename necessitates different bundle App directory structure flashproxy asn defect closed Medium
#9011 Move third-party pluggable transports licenses to /pluggable-transports/bundle.git flashproxy asn project closed Medium
#9391 PT TBBs out-of-date flashproxy defect closed Medium
#9444 Create deterministic TorBrowserBundles with Pluggable Transports flashproxy erinn task closed Medium
#9742 Give the Go pluggable transports library its own home flashproxy asn task closed Medium
#9831 Create websocket transport repo flashproxy erinn, nickm, Sebastian, weasel task closed Medium
#9863 Move websocket-transport to its own repo flashproxy asn task closed Medium
#9955 Give infinity0 push access to /flashproxy.git. flashproxy erinn, nickm, Sebastian, weasel task closed Medium
#9977 Create obfs-flash transport repo flashproxy erinn, nickm, Sebastian, weasel enhancement closed Medium
#11117 Give griffin push access to /flashproxy.git. flashproxy erinn, nickm, Sebastian, weasel task closed Medium
#12841 Give arlo push access to /flashproxy.git flashproxy erinn, nickm, Sebastian, weasel task closed Medium
#9743 Think of a good name for the obfs-flash meta-proxy and create a repo for it flashproxy fog RushingWookie project closed Medium
#9744 Read managed proxy server chain from a configuration file flashproxy fog asn project closed Medium
#11018 Upgrade to flashproxy 1.6 in bundles flashproxy tbb-3.0 tbb-3.5 erinn enhancement closed Medium
#13338 Rewrite tor-fw-helper in Go (or another memory-safe language) flashproxy, 027-triaged-1-out, TorCoreTeam201508 yawning enhancement closed Low
#5213 enable tor-fw-helper flashproxy, MikePerry201402R erinn task needs_review Medium
#10004 obfs-flash-client doesn't allow intermixed positional and optional arguments flashproxy, fog infinity0 defect closed Medium
#10308 Integrate flashproxy into standard TBB flashproxy, tbb task closed Medium
#11223 Use multiple flashproxy bridge lines flashproxy, tbb-3.6, MikePerry201403R erinn enhancement closed Medium
#11111 griffin needs a flashproxy repo to push changes to git dcf task closed Low
#9687 TBB 3.0 alpha: major pluggable transports should be included by default needs-design flashproxy obfs3 obfs2 erinn enhancement closed Medium
#3594 Add support for SOCKS parameters in Bridge and {Client,Server}TransportPlugin lines pt tor-bridge flashproxy enhancement closed Medium
#5040 Make public bridges add obfsproxy stats to their extra-info descriptors pt tor-bridge flashproxy SponsorL SponsorF20131101 wants-mocking asn enhancement closed Medium
#9376 subprocess management module for pyptlib pyptlib flashproxy asn enhancement closed Medium
#11190 obfsproxy shebang should point to "python2", not "python" python version, obfsproxy, tbb, flashproxy asn defect reopened Medium
#3292 Let bridge users specify that they don't care if their bridge changes fingerprint tor-bridge flashproxy task closed Medium
#8402 Tor should help its transport proxy use a proxy, if needed. tor-bridge pt flashproxy, tbb-needs, tbb-helpdesk-frequent, tbb-tor-backported-3.6.1 026-triaged-1 defect closed High
#11301 Tor does not reconnect after network loss with guards used as bridges tor-bridges, tor-client, tbb-usability, flashproxy, sponsor8-maybe, 033-triage-20180320, 033-removed-20180320 defect closed High
#10993 Fails to reconnect after connection loss when only one bridge is configured tor-client, bridges, 025-triaged, flashproxy, 025-deferrable defect closed Medium
#7733 Two channels required for bootstrap tor-client, flashproxy, 026-triaged-0, nickm-patch nickm defect closed Medium
#4959 Discuss shipping and enabling tor-fw-helper by default tor-relay flashproxy ioerror task closed Medium
#8092 make a deb of flashproxy and get into Debian ttb-flashproxy-deb dcf enhancement closed Medium
#5382 Port SWF flash proxy to JavaScript dcf task closed Medium
#5425 Decouple flash proxy facilitator front- and backend dcf task closed Medium
#5426 Facilitator: remember client registrations dcf task new High
#5574 Understand hixie-76/hybi-00 WebSockets dcf enhancement closed Low
#5575 Write our own WebSocket server transport plugin dcf task closed High
#5578 Investigate WebRTC for flash proxy NAT punching dcf task closed Medium
#6124 Flash proxy facilitator should not give IPv6 addresses to IPv4 proxies jct defect closed Medium
#6284 make use of Chrome TCP sockets instead of websockets dcf enhancement new Low
#6290 Log less in the facilitator dcf defect closed High
#6291 Investigate making a Facebook app proxy saint enhancement closed Medium
#6292 Make flash proxy client packages dcf task closed Medium
#6293 Disable self when running in Tor browser dcf defect closed Medium
#6330 Catch output and exit status of registration helpers dcf defect closed Low
#6383 Email registration helper dcf project closed Medium
#6453 Flash proxy man pages dcf defect closed Medium
#6810 Reduce code duplication across client programs dcf enhancement closed Low
#6986 Set up two-factor auth and app-specific password for email registration helper dcf enhancement closed Medium
#6987 Rehearse email registration helper key compromise dcf task new Medium
#7016 Make flashproxy-client a managed proxy. dcf enhancement closed Medium
#7061 Investigate a wordpress.COM solution dcf task closed Low
#7063 Make a query parameter to control opt-in/opt-out dcf enhancement closed High
#7110 Do real parsing of boolean query string parameters dcf defect closed Low
#7147 Don't use undefined socket.IPPROTO_IPV6 on Windows dcf defect closed Medium
#7159 Figure out if Flashproxy can stay on dcf task closed Medium
#7208 Use TOR_PT_STATE_LOCATION for temporary files if defined dcf enhancement closed Medium
#7252 Write privacy policy for FP-badge dcf task closed Medium
#7253 Write legal text for FP-badge dcf task closed Medium
#7271 flashproxy-reg-email on Windows produces OpenSSL error 0B084002 dcf defect closed High
#7272 flashproxy-client socket.error exception on Windows dcf defect closed High
#7283 flashproxy-client Windows .exe packages aallai task closed Medium
#7425 Flash proxy usability testing aallai project closed High
#7549 Facilitator should not give client registrations to Tor exits jct enhancement closed Medium
#7559 Registration via indirect URL request aallai project closed Medium
#7620 Extended OR port support for websocket server dcf enhancement closed High
#7621 Alpha flash proxy browser bundle aallai task closed High
#7622 Add -4 and -6 options to flashproxy-client and flashproxy-reg-http dcf defect closed Medium
#7721 Chrome browser add-on dcf task closed Low
#7740 flashproxy badge works just like a web bug dcf defect needs_review Medium
#7809 Can .manifest files be included in the binaries? aallai task closed Low
#7811 Options on Flashproxy html; Question? dcf enhancement closed Medium
#7823 Rate-limit facilitator interaction dcf defect needs_review High
#7883 Consider and potentially implement the integration of pyptlib in flashproxy asn task needs_review Medium
#7900 log to console when debug option is enabled dcf enhancement closed Medium
#7944 Node.js standalone flash proxy dcf enhancement closed Medium
#7945 Modify facilitator to hand out multiple relays. dcf task new Medium
#7969 Log whether flash proxies have opted in aallai enhancement closed High
#7979 the tool stops at Parsing GEOIP defect closed Medium
#8171 Facilitator tells proxies how often to poll aallai enhancement closed Medium
#8172 Adjust proxy polling interval to maintain desired level of service dcf enhancement new Medium
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