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#9739 don't hard code certificates/pubkeys in flashproxy programs dcf defect closed Medium
#9742 Give the Go pluggable transports library its own home flashproxy asn task closed Medium
#9743 Think of a good name for the obfs-flash meta-proxy and create a repo for it flashproxy fog RushingWookie project closed Medium
#9744 Read managed proxy server chain from a configuration file flashproxy fog asn project closed Medium
#9831 Create websocket transport repo flashproxy erinn, nickm, Sebastian, weasel task closed Medium
#9852 [Flash-proxies] - WS with HTTPS dcf defect closed Medium
#9863 Move websocket-transport to its own repo flashproxy asn task closed Medium
#9942 have each flashproxy poll multiple custom facilitators dcf enhancement new Medium
#9955 Give infinity0 push access to /flashproxy.git. flashproxy erinn, nickm, Sebastian, weasel task closed Medium
#9964 client registrations should expire dcf defect new Medium
#9974 packaging and installation scripts for facilitator dcf enhancement closed Medium
#9976 flashproxy-client needs to pass args to reg-methods dcf defect new Medium
#9977 Create obfs-flash transport repo flashproxy erinn, nickm, Sebastian, weasel enhancement closed Medium
#9991 Document internal facilitator protocol. dcf task new Medium
#10004 obfs-flash-client doesn't allow intermixed positional and optional arguments flashproxy, fog infinity0 defect closed Medium
#10042 Document inner/outer transports infinity0 defect closed Medium
#10097 flashproxy-reg-appspot should support custom domains dcf defect new Medium
#10196 allow the client to pick a specific relay for its registration dcf enhancement new Medium
#10211 Allow node-flashproxy to read unix-style command line options arlolra enhancement closed Medium
#10270 generate facilitator manpages with help2man enhancement closed Medium
#10308 Integrate flashproxy into standard TBB flashproxy, tbb task closed Medium
#10358 Make another release of flashproxy dcf task closed Medium
#10429 Test multiple flashproxy Bridge lines dcf enhancement closed Medium
#10648 Run flashproxy-test using nodejs instead of rhino dcf enhancement closed Medium
#10711 Flashproxy security models and resource management dcf project new Medium
#10847 "" test fetches dependencies dcf defect closed Medium
#10993 Fails to reconnect after connection loss when only one bridge is configured tor-client, bridges, 025-triaged, flashproxy, 025-deferrable defect closed Medium
#11018 Upgrade to flashproxy 1.6 in bundles flashproxy tbb-3.0 tbb-3.5 erinn enhancement closed Medium
#11117 Give griffin push access to /flashproxy.git. flashproxy erinn, nickm, Sebastian, weasel task closed Medium
#11190 obfsproxy shebang should point to "python2", not "python" python version, obfsproxy, tbb, flashproxy asn defect reopened Medium
#11223 Use multiple flashproxy bridge lines flashproxy, tbb-3.6, MikePerry201403R erinn enhancement closed Medium
#11290 Latest TBB user agent string isn't recognized by Flashproxy dcf defect closed Medium
#11400 Status lists itself as "dead" inaccurately dcf defect closed Medium
#11574 flashproxy-client needs to support SOCKS arguments primarily dcf defect new Medium
#12052 test_readline_limit in facilitator-test sometimes fails dcf defect new Medium
#12801 documentation and guidelines for hosting flashproxy js dcf defect new Medium
#12837 Bump flashproxy nodejs module version for publishing dcf task closed Medium
#12841 Give arlo push access to /flashproxy.git flashproxy erinn, nickm, Sebastian, weasel task closed Medium
#13336 Reduce centralization that allows enumeration of flashproxies dcf enhancement new Medium
#13337 Limit the number of flashproxies that see a client over time dcf enhancement new Medium
#15735 flashproxy register failed dcf defect new Medium
#16930 The default facilitator seems to provide only a few servers. dcf defect closed Medium
#16958 facilitator query URL keeps growing longer with duplicates dcf defect closed Medium
#16959 iframe snippet fails under https dcf defect closed Medium
#17855 flashproxy-reg-email detected as Kelihos botnet spam by the CBL (Composite Blocking List) dcf defect new Medium
#5574 Understand hixie-76/hybi-00 WebSockets dcf enhancement closed Low
#6284 make use of Chrome TCP sockets instead of websockets dcf enhancement new Low
#6330 Catch output and exit status of registration helpers dcf defect closed Low
#6810 Reduce code duplication across client programs dcf enhancement closed Low
#7061 Investigate a wordpress.COM solution dcf task closed Low
#7110 Do real parsing of boolean query string parameters dcf defect closed Low
#7721 Chrome browser add-on dcf task closed Low
#7809 Can .manifest files be included in the binaries? aallai task closed Low
#8463 Don't require '=' padding in indirect URL registration aallai enhancement closed Low
#8772 Turn on HSTS on the facilitator dcf enhancement closed Low
#8817 Flashproxy facilitator documentation improvements dcf enhancement closed Low
#8827 Use Accept-Language for badge localization dcf enhancement closed Low
#8828 Recognize other subtags in language tags dcf enhancement closed Low
#8829 Lower-case language tags dcf defect closed Low
#8830 Automatic export of localized badge graphics dcf enhancement closed Low
#9006 Proxy should not contact facilitator if given "relay" and "client" parameters. easy dcf defect closed Low
#9025 Badge portuguese translation dcf task closed Low
#9177 Use IMAP IDLE to reduce polling in facilitator-email-poller dcf enhancement needs_review Low
#9949 have each fp client register at multiple custom facilitators dcf enhancement new Low
#9965 allow browser proxy config values to be overridden by other js infinity0 enhancement closed Low
#9975 use argparse rather than getopt infinity0 enhancement closed Low
#9992 facilitator-reg-daemon needs an option to control the address of the facilitator it talks to dcf task new Low
#10289 "make install" doesn't install flashproxy-common modules defect closed Low
#10386 Move flashproxy.git to under pluggable-transports infinity0 defect new Low
#10641 flashproxy writes temporary certificate files outside of TOR_PT_STATE_LOCATION infinity0 defect closed Low
#10846 Make sed commands compatible with OS X (no -r option) dcf defect closed Low
#11111 griffin needs a flashproxy repo to push changes to git dcf task closed Low
#12679 flashproxy programs don't allow intermixed positional and optional arguments dcf defect new Low
#13338 Rewrite tor-fw-helper in Go (or another memory-safe language) flashproxy, 027-triaged-1-out, TorCoreTeam201508 yawning enhancement closed Low
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