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#7283 flashproxy-client Windows .exe packages aallai task closed Medium
#7272 flashproxy-client socket.error exception on Windows dcf defect closed High
#7271 flashproxy-reg-email on Windows produces OpenSSL error 0B084002 dcf defect closed High
#7253 Write legal text for FP-badge dcf task closed Medium
#7252 Write privacy policy for FP-badge dcf task closed Medium
#7208 Use TOR_PT_STATE_LOCATION for temporary files if defined dcf enhancement closed Medium
#7166 Package and advertise flash proxy dcf project closed High
#7160 Move facilitator to a neutral dedicated domain dcf task closed High
#7159 Figure out if Flashproxy can stay on dcf task closed Medium
#7147 Don't use undefined socket.IPPROTO_IPV6 on Windows dcf defect closed Medium
#7110 Do real parsing of boolean query string parameters dcf defect closed Low
#7063 Make a query parameter to control opt-in/opt-out dcf enhancement closed High
#7061 Investigate a wordpress.COM solution dcf task closed Low
#7016 Make flashproxy-client a managed proxy. dcf enhancement closed Medium
#6987 Rehearse email registration helper key compromise dcf task closed Medium
#6986 Set up two-factor auth and app-specific password for email registration helper dcf enhancement closed Medium
#6810 Reduce code duplication across client programs dcf enhancement closed Low
#6453 Flash proxy man pages dcf defect closed Medium
#6383 Email registration helper dcf project closed Medium
#6330 Catch output and exit status of registration helpers dcf defect closed Low
#6293 Disable self when running in Tor browser dcf defect closed Medium
#6292 Make flash proxy client packages dcf task closed Medium
#6291 Investigate making a Facebook app proxy saint enhancement closed Medium
#6290 Log less in the facilitator dcf defect closed High
#6284 make use of Chrome TCP sockets instead of websockets dcf enhancement closed Low
#6124 Flash proxy facilitator should not give IPv6 addresses to IPv4 proxies jct defect closed Medium
#5578 Investigate WebRTC for flash proxy NAT punching dcf task closed Medium
#5575 Write our own WebSocket server transport plugin dcf task closed High
#5574 Understand hixie-76/hybi-00 WebSockets dcf enhancement closed Low
#5426 Facilitator: remember client registrations dcf task closed High
#5425 Decouple flash proxy facilitator front- and backend dcf task closed Medium
#5382 Port SWF flash proxy to JavaScript dcf task closed Medium
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