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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#10847 "" test fetches dependencies dcf defect closed Medium
#11290 Latest TBB user agent string isn't recognized by Flashproxy dcf defect closed Medium
#11400 Status lists itself as "dead" inaccurately dcf defect closed Medium
#11574 flashproxy-client needs to support SOCKS arguments primarily dcf defect closed Medium
#12052 test_readline_limit in facilitator-test sometimes fails dcf defect closed Medium
#12801 documentation and guidelines for hosting flashproxy js dcf defect closed Medium
#12837 Bump flashproxy nodejs module version for publishing dcf task closed Medium
#13336 Reduce centralization that allows enumeration of flashproxies dcf enhancement closed Medium
#13337 Limit the number of flashproxies that see a client over time dcf enhancement closed Medium
#15735 flashproxy register failed dcf defect closed Medium
#16930 The default facilitator seems to provide only a few servers. dcf defect closed Medium
#16958 facilitator query URL keeps growing longer with duplicates dcf defect closed Medium
#16959 iframe snippet fails under https dcf defect closed Medium
#17855 flashproxy-reg-email detected as Kelihos botnet spam by the CBL (Composite Blocking List) dcf defect closed Medium
#5426 Facilitator: remember client registrations dcf task closed High
#5575 Write our own WebSocket server transport plugin dcf task closed High
#6290 Log less in the facilitator dcf defect closed High
#7063 Make a query parameter to control opt-in/opt-out dcf enhancement closed High
#7160 Move facilitator to a neutral dedicated domain dcf task closed High
#7166 Package and advertise flash proxy dcf project closed High
#7271 flashproxy-reg-email on Windows produces OpenSSL error 0B084002 dcf defect closed High
#7272 flashproxy-client socket.error exception on Windows dcf defect closed High
#7425 Flash proxy usability testing aallai project closed High
#7620 Extended OR port support for websocket server dcf enhancement closed High
#7621 Alpha flash proxy browser bundle aallai task closed High
#7823 Rate-limit facilitator interaction dcf defect closed High
#7969 Log whether flash proxies have opted in aallai enhancement closed High
#8860 Registration over App Engine dcf project closed High
#9170 Don't log IP addresses by default in flashproxy.js dcf defect closed High
#9185 Don't log IP addresses in registration helpers dcf defect closed High
#10082 flashproxy-client fails to communicate with connected browser proxies when logging is disabled dcf defect closed High
#10818 Tell users to install M2Crypto infinity0 defect closed Very High
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