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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#5425 Decouple flash proxy facilitator front- and backend dcf task closed Medium
#5426 Facilitator: remember client registrations dcf task closed High
#5575 Write our own WebSocket server transport plugin dcf task closed High
#5578 Investigate WebRTC for flash proxy NAT punching dcf task closed Medium
#6292 Make flash proxy client packages dcf task closed Medium
#6987 Rehearse email registration helper key compromise dcf task closed Medium
#7061 Investigate a wordpress.COM solution dcf task closed Low
#7159 Figure out if Flashproxy can stay on dcf task closed Medium
#7160 Move facilitator to a neutral dedicated domain dcf task closed High
#7252 Write privacy policy for FP-badge dcf task closed Medium
#7253 Write legal text for FP-badge dcf task closed Medium
#7283 flashproxy-client Windows .exe packages aallai task closed Medium
#7621 Alpha flash proxy browser bundle aallai task closed High
#7721 Chrome browser add-on dcf task closed Low
#7809 Can .manifest files be included in the binaries? aallai task closed Low
#7883 Consider and potentially implement the integration of pyptlib in flashproxy asn task closed Medium
#7945 Modify facilitator to hand out multiple relays. dcf task closed Medium
#8673 Host a flashproxy-reg-http listener on dcf task closed Medium
#9025 Badge portuguese translation dcf task closed Low
#9349 flashproxy facilitator: Allow clients to specify transports dcf task closed Medium
#9991 Document internal facilitator protocol. dcf task closed Medium
#9992 facilitator-reg-daemon needs an option to control the address of the facilitator it talks to dcf task closed Low
#10358 Make another release of flashproxy dcf task closed Medium
#11111 griffin needs a flashproxy repo to push changes to dcf task closed Low
#12837 Bump flashproxy nodejs module version for publishing dcf task closed Medium
#6383 Email registration helper dcf project closed Medium
#7166 Package and advertise flash proxy dcf project closed High
#7425 Flash proxy usability testing aallai project closed High
#7559 Registration via indirect URL request aallai project closed Medium
#8860 Registration over App Engine dcf project closed High
#9034 Firefox browser add-on dcf project closed Medium
#10711 Flashproxy security models and resource management dcf project closed Medium
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