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Ticket Summary Component Type Status Priority Milestone
#4 Incorrect node routing with mbox Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#9 Client MMTP timeouts don't really work Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#10 flush command terminates with this traceback Mixminion-Client defect closed High
#11 flush command deletes all messages in client queue and doesn't deliver them. Mixminion-Client defect closed Very High
#16 AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getLastHop' Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#17 minor formatig bug Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#21 generate-surb closes stdout, breaks 'mixminion shell' Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#22 --quiet doesn't work for clients Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#25 Log files in UTC Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#26 cannot send 10M file Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#28 move .mixminionrc to .mixminion/ Mixminion-Client defect closed Very Low 0.0.8 final
#29 traceback happens occasionally during queue or flush Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#31 mixminion reassemble PqEYO0ly9UZb -o foo gives a traceback Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#32 reassembled message does not match sent. Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#33 please don't create files if you have nothing to write Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#34 reassemble throws exception: NameError: global name 'ParseError' is not defined Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#35 reassemble's output is one byte too long. Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#36 Man page typo for -F Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#38 traceback sometimes during flush Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#40 building surbs backtraces if first node doesn't have an ip address Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#206 Failure to create user data on single-users win32 systems Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#215 mixminion creates path shorter than 3 nodes Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#315 Incomplete installation Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#359 Tor Exited Unexpectedly Mixminion-Client defect closed Very High
#505 mixminion flush: option -n not recognized Mixminion-Client defect closed Low
#3663 Fatal error on Mixminion Mixminion-Client defect closed Medium
#30 multiple client processes colliding Mixminion-Other defect assigned Low
#54 log format lacks year Mixminion-Other defect assigned Low 0.0.8 final
#55 MemoryError traceback Mixminion-Other defect closed Low
#94 Typo in man page Mixminion-Other defect closed Low
#95 Makefile doesn't use passive FTP Mixminion-Other defect closed Low
#139 decoded binary file differs from the file sent. Mixminion-Other defect assigned Low
#168 Makefile ROOTARG error Mixminion-Other defect closed Low
#213 Unhandled socket.error from getpeername() Mixminion-Other defect closed Low 0.0.8 final
#490 Additional headers for outgoing messages Mixminion-Other enhancement new Low
#491 Remove "BEGIN TYPE III" wrapping Mixminion-Other enhancement new Low
#492 Generation of dummy messages Mixminion-Other enhancement new Low
#498 Proof-of-work for exit remailers Mixminion-Other enhancement new Low
#502 Encrypt identity keys Mixminion-Other enhancement new Low
#716 Mixminion Executable (Mixminion.exe) Please! Mixminion-Other enhancement closed Very High
#2 Key rotation crashes server (sample) Mixminion-Server defect closed Very High
#3 changing PublicKeyLifetime to smaller values isn't good Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#5 Can't start new server-- get fatal exception while configuring server Mixminion-Server defect closed Very High
#6 Confused server clocks can screw up timing Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#7 client 'flush' takes too much memory Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#8 List of servers has names right justified Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#12 AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'getIPs' Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#13 IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/weasel/mixminion/keys/key_0001/ServerDesc' Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#14 This server's files are stored in an older format Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#15 can't even start 0.0.6alpha1 Mixminion-Server defect closed Very High
#18 TypeError: not enough arguments for format string Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#19 directory permission error shouldn't be an exception Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#20 packaging issues. Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#23 Contact Info in directory entry is not compulsory Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#24 Tight loop in async code Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#27 Exception while cleaning; shutting down thread and traceback Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#37 mixminion crashes if name resolution fail Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#39 Certificate rotation sometimes does not happen. Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#214 IOError when flushing log Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#485 should catch socket errors Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#1070 Missing space between command and opts Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
#1071 Variable undefined in sendSMTPMessage Mixminion-Server defect closed Low
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