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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#22842 Create a knowledge base that's more in-depth than FAQs hiro task Medium Webpages/Website

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#16546 Should we move anonbib to the Tor website? cypherpunks defect Medium Webpages/Website
#31063 GoodBad ISPs should move to community portal ggus task Medium Community/Relays

Status: closed (31 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#14686 Consolidate or de-emphasize our many download pages traumschule defect High Webpages/Website
#17669 Old links to outdated versions of Tor Browser should redirect to a page with the latest version of Tor Browser hiro enhancement High Webpages/Website
#17969 Directory Listing. [] Sebastian defect High Webpages/Website
#3242 Research moving the website from svn to git defect Medium Webpages/Website
#3593 tor project website lacks functional menus phobos defect Medium Webpages/Website
#5489 Write up a "how to report bugs and security issues, and what happens then" post or FAQ nickm task Medium Webpages/Website
#5998 Different websites for different user communities phobos project Medium Webpages/Website
#6851 Resume allowing website translations project Medium Webpages/Website
#10013 Better Reflect Existing Sponsorship Information on the Website phobos enhancement Medium Webpages/Website
#10473 Integrate our opencrm system with donation/thank you pages enhancement Medium Webpages/Website
#10553 Show Wikipedia-like donation banner on homepage puffin enhancement Medium Webpages/Website
#10591 Create a sitemap for current website isabela task Medium Webpages/Website
#10592 Consider adding analytics if it can be anonymized. task Medium Webpages/Website
#10597 Create Staging environment task Medium Webpages/Website
#11568 Integrate new simple download tor into dist mirrors? defect Medium Webpages/Website
#11569 Consider making donations part of the download process enhancement Medium Webpages/Website
#12571 online documentation for the ports has gotten muddled task Medium Webpages/Website
#13133 Move to enhancement Medium Internal Services/Tor Sysadmin Team
#13246 Augment static sites with a CDN project Medium Internal Services/Tor Sysadmin Team
#16406 "Tor" is not listed as a project on cypherpunks enhancement Medium Webpages/Website
#16576 Add a 'community projects' list (separate page?) to the website traumschule task Medium Webpages/Website
#18243 Website redesign - Phase 1 isabela project Medium Webpages/Website
#18245 Collect different mocks for new site isabela task Medium Webpages/Website
#18695 We should have a repository list that includes important external repositories cypherpunks project Medium Webpages/Website
#19930 web site menu needlessly jumps around cypherpunks defect Medium Webpages/Website
#20688 OpenBSD missing from systems that 'work best' with relays defect Medium Webpages/Website
#21178 submenus and page structures behave inconsistently hiro defect Medium Webpages/Website
#22241 Implement a proper wiki (just as Mozilla does) hiro enhancement Medium Webpages/Website
#27132 find Tor-friendly payment site defect Medium Community
#17805 The website should support "stable" and "oldstable" tor releases cypherpunks defect Low Webpages/Website
#11289 FAQ entry for where Tor's data directory is mttp enhancement Very Low Webpages/Website

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#17413 Usability of MacOS installation process traumschule enhancement Medium Webpages/Website
#22076 adjust text shown on screen based on size of text traumschule enhancement Medium Webpages/Website
#17393 Make the various javascript on Tor sites be LibreJS-compatible? traumschule enhancement Low Webpages/Website

Status: new (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#13134 Figure out access rights to new tpa task Medium Internal Services/Service - dist
#22178 Website redesign: Mirror list site task Medium Community/Mirrors
#16548 Change the HS nomenclature from hidden to onion cypherpunks task Very Low Webpages/Website
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