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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#16513 Make writing of the out/ directory from the status/ directory deterministic iwakeh enhancement closed Very High Onionoo 2.0.0
#22488 Include relay version listed in consensus in addition to platform line from server descriptor metrics-team enhancement closed High Onionoo 2.0.0
#13562 Add more detailed logging to backend and frontend components metrics-team enhancement assigned Medium
#15799 Find out why different instances may report different timestamps in last_changed_address_or_port metrics-team defect closed Medium
#15846 Publish (hashes of) historic Onionoo details documents metrics-team enhancement closed Medium
#20412 Skip bad archived descriptors rather than aborting the entire import metrics-team defect closed Medium
#21354 Reduce memory overhead for storing uptimes metrics-team enhancement new Medium
#21637 Include both declared and reachable IPv6 OR addresses metrics-team enhancement closed Medium Onionoo-1.7.0
#21933 Fix deserialization of UTF-8 characters in details statuses and documents metrics-team defect needs_review Medium
#22193 Add HTML IDs to Onionoo's protocol page for direct referencing metrics-team enhancement closed Medium
#23348 Update all documentation markdown files metrics-team enhancement assigned Medium Onionoo 2.0.0
#23544 Add recommended_version parameter metrics-team enhancement closed Medium Onionoo-1.8.0
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