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#13017 Determine if AudioBuffers/OfflineAudioContext are a fingerprinting vector arthuredelstein task new High
#13025 Lie about the screen orientation gk defect closed High
#13717 Make "sh start-tor-browser" give a useful error message tbb-team defect closed Medium
#13027 Make WebWorkers use spoofed navigator.* useragent values gk defect closed High
#13018 Math routines are OS fingerprintable tbb-team defect new Medium
#13626 Tor-browser-linux32-4.0.1 crash in Lubuntu tbb-team defect closed Medium
#9788 Torflow BandwidthAuthority url lists are baked into source aagbsn defect closed Medium
#13026 Verify screenX and screenY are spoofed sanely tbb-team defect closed High
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