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#9790 The Torbutton startup observer component is sometimes not initialized tbb-team defect new Very High
#10681 New Identity may temporarily leak state tbb-team defect closed Very High
#1517 Provide JS with reduced time precision enhancement closed High
#1623 Block protocol handler enumeration tbb-team enhancement closed High
#2934 Experiment with JSHooks for Date() and Event.timeStamp tbb-team enhancement closed High TorBrowserBundle 2.3.x-stable
#2940 Adapt browser time based on tor's notion of clock skew... tbb-team enhancement new High
#3600 Prevent redirects from transmitting+storing cookies+identifiers pospeselr defect assigned High
#5293 Neuter fingerprinting with Battery API tbb-team task closed High
#5309 New Identity fails to close windows with prompt dialogs tbb-team defect closed High
#5666 Hook MediaElement for Full Screen Mode tbb-team defect new High
#7255 Prompt if Tor Browser is Maximized gk defect closed High
#7279 unable to login to vmware community forums tbb-team defect closed High
#8336 TOR_SOCKS_HOST, TOR_SOCKS_PORT regression tbb-team defect new High
#8400 Torbutton's browsing history pref seems to require restart tbb-team defect closed High
#8751 do something about TLS HELLO gmt_unix_time tbb-team defect closed High
#9182 Wrong update URL in obfs and alpha bundles tbb-team defect closed High
#9220 Tor Browser accesses LSOs tbb-team defect closed High
#9345 enabling only the strongest ciphers in the tor browser to make cryptanalysis harder tbb-team enhancement new High
#9364 Enabling only RSA and Elliptic Curve Diffie–Hellman key exchange (ECDHE) tbb-team enhancement closed High
#9531 More Torbutton hangs on New Identity control port access gk defect closed High
#9623 Referers being sent from hidden service websites tbb-team defect closed High
#9696 New Identity doesn't clear download UI history tbb-team defect closed High
#9697 Tor closes seconds after startup tbb-team defect closed High
#9763 Torbutton's startup component sometimes doesn't load (no cache isolation) tbb-team defect closed High
#9783 New Identity does not always clear all OCSP/favicon related network activity tbb-team defect new High
#9906 TBB new identity surprises users by closing all tabs tbb-team defect closed High
#10353 Cookie Protection dialog is empty in FF24 defect new High
#10400 Provide "New Identity" option that uses session restore tbb-team enhancement closed High
#10493 History not being deleted in TBB after disabling and enabling Private Browsing Mode tbb-team defect new High
#10716 Update drag-and-drop observer code to use DataTransfers gk defect closed High
#10840 Revert #10682 and block fetches for real tbb-team defect closed High
#10885 Confusing/Conflicting Info Provided About Flash in Tor Browser, Usability Issue tbb-team defect closed High
#11095 allow storing passwords in TorBrowser tbb-team defect new High
#11254 Tor Browser bundle v3.5 fails to clean up cancelled downloads in Temp folder tbb-team defect new High
#11439 Vertical monitor leads to fingerprintable default screen size tbb-team defect closed High
#12683 Permissions in nsIPermissionManager aren't cleared with TorButton's "New Identity" tbb-team defect new High
#940 Multiple Identity Support tbb-team enhancement assigned Medium
#1079 "external application" warning, but I just want to save the file tbb-team defect closed Medium
#2739 Clear Memory-Only Intermeditate Cert Store tbb-team defect new Medium
#3010 Torbutton should disable link prefetching tbb-team defect closed Medium
#3347 Permanently Opt-In to YouTube's HTML5 Beta Test mikeperry enhancement closed Medium TorBrowserBundle 2.2.x-stable
#3509 Torbutton won't display as a text box in the add-on bar. tbb-team defect new Medium
#4316 Site Zoom is not reset on new identity tbb-team defect closed Medium TorBrowserBundle 2.2.x-stable
#4335 Per-urlbar domain plugin control tbb-team enhancement closed Medium
#4962 Replace DuckDuckGo with non-JS tbb-team enhancement closed Medium TorBrowserBundle 2.2.x-stable
#5670 Change download manager behavior tbb-team enhancement closed Medium
#6042 Rate limit 'new identity' clicks? tbb-team defect closed Medium
#6643 Tor Browser Options should stay set-suggestion tbb-team enhancement new Medium
#6944 Yahoo! Mail does not work reliably in TorBrowser tbb-team defect closed Medium
#7046 TBB Comfort loader when connecting to Tor Hidden Services tbb-team enhancement new Medium
#7258 remove 'family friendly' search filtering from startpage search tbb-team enhancement new Medium
#7562 Toggling toolbars leads to reduced anonymity. tbb-team defect closed Medium
#7637 Alter "New Identity" to make use of onCacheEntryDoomed tbb-team enhancement new Medium
#7671 TOR Browser URL not valid and cannot be loaded message tbb-team defect closed Medium TorBrowserBundle 2.3.x-stable
#8227 Create descriptions for new Torbutton Security Prefs tbb-team enhancement closed Medium
#8345 TBB download manager no longer clears the download when it's done tbb-team defect closed Medium
#8686 padlock or colored url bar for connections to hidden services tbb-team enhancement closed Medium
#8941 Small Torbutton icons should be 16x16 pixels tbb-team defect closed Medium
#8947 Don't install TBB (and other portable apps) to "C:\Program Files" tbb-team defect closed Medium
#8951 Get information about HS from within browser tbb-team defect new Medium
#9117 Remove from TBB 3.0 branch tbb-team defect closed Medium
#9189 Tor Browser forgets zoom level tbb-team defect new Medium
#9334 Ship torbrowser with a tor-specifc firefox background theme ("Persona") tbb-team enhancement new Medium
#9434 Tech Evangelism - showed different IPs for FTP and HTTPS tbb-team defect closed Medium
#9439 .pdf open app does not display tbb-team defect closed Medium
#9442 Add New Circuit button to TorButton tbb-team enhancement closed Medium
#9521 "new identity" leaks memory in eventSuppressor.suppressEventHandling() tbb-team defect assigned Medium
#9541 "Work Offline" button should stop/start tor (as well) tbb-team enhancement needs_information Medium
#9575 Rename "New Identity" defect assigned Medium
#9607 torbutton popup menu doesn't appear tbb-team defect closed Medium
#9693 There should be a way to prevent HTTPS Everywhere to connect to check.t.o on startup zyan defect new Medium
#9800 tor browser still an option of default browser even after removal tbb-team defect new Medium
#9888 Add link to Tor Q&A site on about:tor page tbb-team enhancement new Medium
#9907 Viewing websites without Tor with Tor Browser: intranet, local, Tor-blocking sites tbb-team defect new Medium
#9936 TBB TorButton 'New Identity' with remote 'tor' says "It does not have access to the Tor Control Port." tbb-team defect new Medium
#10084 Tech Evangelism - ssl_error_bad_mac_alert -> website is broken tbb-team defect closed Medium
#10105 start-tor-browser reports an error on start tbb-team defect closed Medium
#10165 Torbrowser surf localhost through Tor tbb-team defect closed Medium
#10216 Add a Torbutton pref to disable the Tor check tbb-team enhancement closed Medium
#10238 Torbutton tells users to download an update and then they don't know what to do tbb-team defect closed Medium
#10290 Tor Browser History settings broken! tbb-team defect closed Medium
#10389 Make Firefox updater work with TB 3.x tbb-team project closed Medium Chronos: phase one
#10390 Update over Tor tbb-team project closed Medium Chronos: phase two
#10391 Update via a hidden service tbb-team project closed Medium Chronos: phase two
#10392 Torbrowser updates are signed and verified by the updater tbb-team project closed Medium Chronos: phase two
#10393 Torbrowser updates are verified through the Tor consensus tbb-team project new Medium
#10394 Torbrowser's updater updates HTTPS-everywhere tbb-team task reopened Medium
#10396 Reproducible MARs Kastafior project closed Medium Chronos: phase two
#10397 Torbrowser's updater integrates additional protections from Thandy's threat model tbb-team project new Medium
#10426 "new identity" button causes in-progress downloads to be aborted tbb-team defect new Medium
#10466 Slow menu response of Torbrowser tbb-team defect needs_information Medium
#10474 TorBrowser 3.5.1 launch tasks tbb-team task closed Medium
#10475 OS X: High CPU usage when TBB can't access a site tbb-team defect closed Medium
#10491 TorBrowser integration in a desktop enviroment tbb-team defect closed Medium
#10574 `nsILocalFile` should be replaced with `nsIFile`. tbb-team defect closed Medium
#10575 Unused code confuses validator tbb-team defect new Medium
#10630 MacOS TBB 3.5 hang (due to popups?) defect assigned Medium
#10632 add environment variable that causes the "Open Network Settings" menu item to be hidden or disabled tbb-team enhancement closed Medium
#10751 Adapt Torbutton to the Australis UI tbb-team enhancement closed Medium
#10824 Using Firefox UI to remember history disables third party tracking/cookie protection tbb-team defect reopened Medium
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