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#19332 Add a BridgeDB module closed karsten metrics-roadmap-2019-q2, anti-censorship-roadmap-september, s30-o21a1 Medium
#32203 BridgeDB doesn't create metrics for vanilla bridges closed phw s30-o21a1 Medium
#9316 BridgeDB should export statistics closed phw metrics, bridgedb, prometheus, anti-censorship-roadmap-september, s30-o21a1 Medium
#32276 Help BridgeDB see client IP addresses of moat requests new s30-o21a1 Low
#14453 Implement statistics gathering for number of Bridges-per-Transport in BridgeDB closed tor-bridge, bridgedb, anti-censorship-roadmap-august, s30-o21a1 Medium
#29277 Look into getting default Tor bridges scanned by external reachability tests assigned phw augur, measurement, anti-censorship-roadmap-november, s30-o21a1, tbb-bridges Medium
#31422 Make BridgeDB report internal metrics new metrics, s30-o21a1 Medium
#30152 Monitor anti-censorship infrastructure new gettor-roadmap, s30-o21a1 Medium
#32135 Write BridgeDB metrics parser and analyse existing data closed phw s30-o21a1 Medium
#31936 Write usage metrics to disk before terminating closed s30-o21a1 Medium
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