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#17626 BridgeDB's email distributor doesn't work if the "get help" text is quoted closed phw bridgedb-email, ux, bridgedb-ux, anti-censorship-roadmap-august, s30-o22a3 Medium
#26543 Provide a language switcher menu on BridgeDB closed phw anti-censorship-roadmap-september, s30-o22a3 Medium
#31427 Update BridgeDB's documentation closed phw s30-o22a3 anti-censorship-roadmap-2020Q1 Low
#31903 Update translations and push translation requests to Transifex closed phw s30-o22a3 Medium
#32134 Request new translation and update i18n instructions closed phw s30-o22a3 Medium
#19839 BridgeDB website: In firefox page shows titles in English and text in the language preferred by the user closed traumschule bridgedb-reportbug, anti-censorship-roadmap-september, s30-o22a3 Low
#15404 BridgeDB's email localisation isn't working new bridgedb-ui, localization, s30-o22a3 Low
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