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#31701 Reachability tests for new obfs4 bridges needs_review cohosh reachability, measurement, s30-o23a2 Medium
#28531 Publish a snapshot of what PTs are needed for successful Tor use in each country needs_information phw s30-o22a2, s30-o23a2, ux-team, anti-censorship-roadmap-2020 Medium
#32740 Implement a feedback loop between BridgeDB and OONI assigned phw s30-o23a2, anti-censorship-roadmap-2020 Medium
#34116 Set up OONI's MetaDB on polyanthum closed phw s30-o23a2 Medium
#34260 Make BridgeDB take into account its BlockedBridges table new s30-o23a2, anti-censorship-roadmap-2020 Medium
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