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#11171 Write quarterly report for Q3/2013

We need to write a quarterly report for Q3/2013. Lunar made a list of all relevant things we did in Q3. Karen converted that list into a shiny report with help from Andrew and Kelley. The report is submitted to the sponsor as of April 30, 2014. That concludes this task.

#11386 Decide which instant messaging client to use for the new messaging bundle

We need to decide which client we would use for the new bundle. We analyzed three options: Pidgin/libpurple, xmpp-client, and Instantbird. We picked Instantbird because even though it lacks Off-the-Record support (which we will work on), it meets all the other goals, including having a clean user interface, good protocol support, pure JavaScript implementations, cross-platform bundles, support for multiple languages and also the fact that we can use the in-house Mozilla expertise. That concludes this task.

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