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#11281 Decide on a source format for the Tor Browser User Manual

The "short user manual" is our primary user documentation these days. We want to turn it into the Tor Browser User Manual. The first step is to decide on a source format before starting the conversion. We compared a few options (#10978) and then chose Mallard as source format. That concludes this task.

#11385 Start an Off-the-Record implementation for Instantbird

A major shortcoming of our choice of Instantbird as the underlying messaging client for the new messaging bundle is the lack of Off-the-Record Messaging support. Tackling this issue breaks down into two parts: build an extension that binds to libotr to support the protocol (#10210), and make the necessary graphical changes to Instantbird to empower the user (#10938). We started on the former, producing the extension and making changes to Instantbird's internals to support the protocol. That concludes the part of this task that was supposed to happen in Q1/2014. Continuing this implementation is going to happen in Q2/2014.

#11282 Write a Tor Publisher User Manual to safely serve static blog content via a hidden service

We wrote a Tor Publisher User Manual for people to publish their blog via a Tor hidden service and asked for feedback on the tor-dev@ mailing list. This new manual describes the necessary steps to set up the blog-aware static code generator Jekyll that outputs static website files and a remotely running Nginx web server that serves static files via a Tor hidden service. The intended audience is users who know how to edit text files, though they are given step-by-step instructions what to edit and why. That concludes this task.

#11172 Write quarterly report for Q4/2013

We need to write a quarterly report for Q4/2013. Lunar made a list of all relevant things we did in Q4. Karen converted that list into a shiny report with help from Andrew and Kelley. The report is submitted to the sponsor as of April 30, 2014. That concludes this task.

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