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#11174 Make experimental Tor Instant Messaging Bundle builds

We want to make experimental builds of the new Tor Instant Messaging Bundle. These builds shall serve as proof of concept and to invite users to give us feedback early in the process. These bundles will not offer all security properties of the final bundle. We were planning to do this for May 15, but then decided to defer until September 15, because we don't want to release a bundle without some form of OTR support. We made bundles for Linux 64 bit, Linux 32 bit, and Mac OS X available on September 30, 2014. Arlo and Sukhbir were working on this task. That concludes this task.

#11532 Get Instantbird changes merged upstream that support adding Off-the-Record messaging

Instantbird requires changes to its application programming interface before we can add Off-the-Record messaging support to it. We have been discussing requirements with the Instantbird developers. We were first planning to get our code changes merged into the main Instantbird codebase by May 15, but had to shift this to September 15, because we were blocking on feedback by the Instantbird developers. As of September 15, 2014, the relevant commits (available here and here) have been merged upstream. That concludes this task. Arlo was working on this task.

#12590 Write quarterly report for Q2/2014

We need to write the quarterly report for Q2/2014. Lunar collected a list of all relevant things we did in Q2, and then Karen turned that list into a shiny report. This report was due July 31 and submitted on that day. That concludes this task.

#12792 Submit Instantbird Off-the-Record extension for inclusion upstream

We want to make our Off-the-Record (OTR) extension part of Instantbird, not just of Tor Messenger. This has the advantage of receiving first-class support by Instantbird people which eases any maintenance burden. We were planning to have this under review by September 15, 2014. This has been submitted for discussions and review on September 30, 2014. Arlo was working on this task. That concludes this task.

#12880 Translate Instantbird to Arabic

We contributed Arabic as the first right-to-left language translation to Instantbird. We submitted all relevant translation files upstream by September 29, 2014. Sherief was working on this task. That concludes this task.

#13143 Complete a first version of Stormy

We want to complete a first version of the Stormy one-click install script, which is supposed to set up secure hidden services, and get it into the hands of other developers for feedback, particularly on security. This task includes: making adjustments based on previous user feedback; making the script more maintainable long-term; adjusting the tor configuration file based on requested type of hidden service; and enabling automatic updates for hidden service dependencies. We were aiming for September 15, 2014 for this task and completed it by September 30, 2014. Griffin was working on this. That resolves this task.

#13293 Write curriculum modules for train-the-trainers presentation slides

We want to build a curriculum that trainers can use to train others about Tor, the Tor Browser, Tails, and related security technologies. As first step we plan to write a set of curriculum modules that can be turned into presentation slides. Target date is September 15, 2014. Kelley and Colin are working on this task. As of September 25, 2014, this task has been completed and the modules are available. That concludes this task.

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