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#13090 Create an inventory of existing presentations

We want to create an inventory of existing presentations, which includes all files in the presentations folder in the subversion repository, and produce one or more public indexes as HTML web pages. We were first aiming for September 15 but then postponed until October 31, 2014 when we made some good progress but did not finish this task. The new target date is the first quarter of 2015. saint will be working on this task.

#13789 Update Tor Browser videos

Previously, we had videos for teaching users about downloading, verifying and running the Tor Browser. These videos are now quite out of date, as they were written for the 3.x line of Tor Browser releases. As part of Sponsor O, we are supposed to update these videos to reflect the current 4.x Tor Browser. Sherief has committed to working on these videos, and a tentative deadline has been set for Q1 2015. Once the videos are complete, a native English speaker at the Tor Project (likely Colin Childs) will need to handle the voiceover.

#14190 Write quarterly report for Q4/2014

We need to write the quarterly report for Q4/2014. harmony collected a list of all relevant things we did in Q4, and Karen turned that list into a written report. This report was due January 31th which also when it was emailed to the sponsor. That resolves this task.

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