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#10283 SpeechSynthesis API may be fingerprintable ff52-esr, tbb-fingerprinting, tbb-testcase, tbb-7.0-must-alpha, TorBrowserTeam201704R arthuredelstein task closed High
#10286 Touch events leak absolute screen coordinates tbb-fingerprinting-resolution, ff52-esr, tbb-testcase, tbb-firefox-patch, tbb-7.0-must-alpha, TorBrowserTeam201705R arthuredelstein defect closed High
#13044 Enumerate all objects available to WebWorkers and content ff31-esr, tbb-testcase, TorBrowserTeam201409 boklm task closed High
#13053 Write regression tests for new NoScript options tbb-testcase, tbb-4.5-alpha boklm task closed Medium
#15138 Investigate TBB 4.5 hardening (e.g. DEP/ASLR) on all Platforms tbb-security, tbb-testcase, ff38-esr, tbb-hardened, TorBrowserTeam201610 boklm task closed Medium
#16448 isolate favicon requests and caching by URL bar domain ff38-esr, TorBrowserTeam201507R, tbb-testcase boklm defect closed Medium
#16728 Test cases for favicon isolation tbb-testcase, TorBrowserTeam201602 boklm enhancement closed Medium
#11658 Unable to set the proxy in TBB 3.6 tbb-helpdesk-frequent, tbb-testcase brade defect closed High
#9585 Advanced preferences panel is broken in Torbrowser 3.03a tbb-3.0, tbb-usability, tbb-testcase erinn defect closed High
#10159 omni.ja differs in ESR24 Gitian builds ff24-esr, tbb-3.0, tbb-testcase, MikePerry201311R erinn defect closed Medium
#12103 Fully hardening firefox binary is broken since 3.5.3 on Linux tbb-security, tbb-testcase erinn defect closed Medium
#10285 Write test pages for certain FF24 features ff24-esr, tbb-testcase gk task closed High
#12947 Adapt Torbutton to new session restore code in ESR 31 tbb-torbutton, ff31-esr, TorBrowserTeam201409, tbb-testcase, MikePerry201409R gk defect closed Medium
#13024 Disable resource timing API? tbb-pref, ff38-esr, tbb-fingerprinting-time-highres, tbb-testcase, boklm201410R gk defect closed Medium
#13025 Lie about the screen orientation ff31-esr, tbb-easy, tbb-fingerprinting, TorBrowserTeam201410Easy, tbb-testcase, MikePerry201410R gk defect closed High
#13186 performance.timing leak in ESR31 ff31-esr, tbb-fingerprinting, TorBrowserTeam201409, tbb-testcase, MikePerry201409R, boklm201410R gk defect closed Medium
#12827 Create preference to disable SVG tbb-security, tbb-isec-report, tbb-4.5-alpha, TorBrowserTeam201503R, tbb-testcase mcs enhancement closed High
#13900 Write Firefox patch for removing third-party HTTP authentication tokens tbb-linkability, tbb-firefox-patch, tbb-testcase, TorBrowserTeam201502R mcs enhancement closed Medium
#7188 Using Mozilla's "Sync" feature unexpectedly syncs a lot of privacy settings tbb-usability, tbb-testcase, MikePerry201312 mikeperry defect closed High
#8457 Session Restore Broken tbb-usability, tbb-rebase-regression, tbb-testcase, MikePerry201304 mikeperry defect closed Medium
#9738 Ubuntu Unity/Debian GNOME can auto-maximize Tor Browser tbb-fingerprinting, tbb-testcase, tbb-3.0, MikePerry201401R mikeperry defect closed Medium
#9881 Javascript can create/resize windows to consume the entire desktop tbb-pref, tbb-fingerprinting, tbb-testcase, tbb-firefox-patch, MikePerry201408R mikeperry defect closed High
#10095 Setting screen resolution to a multiple of 200 x 100 is not working reliably with overlaid toolbar buttons tbb-fingerprinting, tbb-testcase, MikePerry201401R mikeperry defect closed Very High
#10237 Media Cache is written on disk tbb-disk-leak, tbb-3.0, tbb-testcase, tbb-pref, MikePerry201402R mikeperry defect closed High
#10895 Localizations are broken in TBB 3.5.2 tbb-usability, tbb-testcase mikeperry defect closed Very High
#3600 Prevent redirects from transmitting+storing cookies+identifiers tbb-linkability, tbb-testcase, tbb-torbutton, TorBrowserTeam201901, gitlab-tb-torbutton tbb-team defect new High
#5798 Improve persistence and WebFont compatibility of font patch tbb-fingerprinting-fonts, tbb-testcase tbb-team defect new High
#8076 Investigate fingerprinting display DPI tbb-fingerprinting, tbb-testcase, tbb-firefox-patch tbb-team defect closed High
#8725 resource:// URIs leak information tbb-fingerprinting, tbb-rebase-regression, tbb-testcase, tbb-firefox-patch, TorBrowserTeam201607R tbb-team defect closed Very High
#10299 Check whether font feature properties are problematic tbb-fingerprinting-fonts, tbb-testcase tbb-team task new Medium
#10355 Pipeline defense interferes with twitter and flickr photostreams tbb-usability-website, tbb-testcase, tbb-firefox-patch tbb-team defect closed High
#11031 TBB Test suite: check that the noscript extension is functional tbb-testcase tbb-team task assigned Medium
#11032 TBB Test suite: check that the new identity button works tbb-testcase tbb-team task assigned Medium
#11033 TBB Test suite: check that the tor browser supports WebSockets tbb-testcase tbb-team task assigned Medium
#11034 TBB Test suite: check that we can visit .onion web sites tbb-testcase tbb-team task assigned Medium
#11035 TBB Test suite: check browser localization tbb-testcase tbb-team task assigned Medium
#11037 TBB Test suite: remanence checks tbb-testcase tbb-team task assigned Medium
#11038 TBB Test suite: Fingerprint test tbb-testcase tbb-team task assigned Medium
#11083 TBB Test suite: check that tor-launcher is working tbb-testcase tbb-team task assigned Medium
#11236 Omnibox in non-english TBBs has DuckDuckGo as default search engine tbb-testcase, tbb-firefox-patch, TorBrowserTeam201502R, MikePerry201502R tbb-team defect closed Medium
#12387 (Some) Pluggable Transport binaries are not stripped tbb-testcase, tbb-rbm tbb-team defect closed Medium
#13026 Verify screenX and screenY are spoofed sanely ff31-esr, tbb-easy, tbb-testcase, tbb-fingerprinting, TorBrowserTeam201409Easy tbb-team defect closed High
#13254 Setting `security.nocertdb` to `true` breaks pageinfo dialog and certificate viewer tbb-usability, tbb-testcase, AffectsTails tbb-team defect closed Medium
#13279 In Tor Browser Sync is not working anymore tbb-usability, tbb-testcase tbb-team defect closed Medium
#13400 Canvas Fingerprinting: fonts tbb-testcase, tbb-fingerprinting-fonts tbb-team defect new High
#13496 Write test for spoofed navigator* values in workers ff38-esr, tbb-testcase tbb-team task assigned Medium
#13682 Write test for security slider tbb-testcase, TorBrowserTeam201412 tbb-team task closed Medium
#13742 Isolating the cache to the URL bar domain is broken in Tor Browser 4.x tbb-linkability, tbb-4.5-alpha, TorBrowserTeam201411, tbb-testcase tbb-team defect closed Very High
#13784 HTTP authentication tokens are not removed anymore for third party requests tbb-linkability, tbb-testcase, TorBrowserTeam201412 tbb-team defect closed Very High
#13875 Tor Browser DPI spoofing omitted window.devicePixelRatio tbb-fingerprinting-resolution, tbb-testcase, tbb-firefox-patch, TorBrowserTeam201505R, GeorgKoppen201505R tbb-team defect closed High
#14448 Torbutton menu does not open in non-en-US 4.5a3 Tor Browser tbb-torbutton, tbb-usability, tbb-testcase, tbb-helpdesk-frequent, TorBrowserTeam201502R tbb-team defect closed High
#15802 add automated tests for tbb-testcase, ff78-esr tbb-team defect new Medium
#16327 NavigatorLanguage API needs a testcase for intl pref tbb-testcase tbb-team defect assigned Medium
#16758 We need a dom-objects-enumeration test for Workers and SharedWorkers tbb-testcase tbb-team task assigned Medium
#16888 Regression tests for Bug #2950 (Make Permissions Manager memory-only) never fails tbb-testcase tbb-team defect new Medium
#17662 Have a test to check that Tor Browser updater is working tbb-testcase, TorBrowserTeam201703, tbb-update, ReleaseTrainMigration tbb-team task assigned Medium
#18334 Test cases for OCSP isolation tbb-testcase tbb-team defect new Medium
#20187 Add a test to check that Referrer spoofing on .onions domains is working tbb-testcase tbb-team task assigned Medium
#22125 Unit test for js locale ff52-esr, tbb-7.0-must, TorBrowserTeam201805, tbb-fingerprinting-locale, tbb-testcase tbb-team enhancement new Medium
#10078 Make sure torbutton_do_new_identity() is still working properly in ESR24 ff24-esr, tbb-linkability, tbb-testcase, MikePerry201311R task closed Medium
#10280 Torbrowser shouldn't load flash into the process space by default tbb-testcase, TorBrowserTeam201503R, tbb-firefox-patch, tbb-4.5-alpha, MikePerry201503R enhancement closed Medium
#10352 Private Browsing Mode data not properly cleared by New Identity tbb-testcase, ff24-esr, MikePerry201312 defect closed Immediate
#10354 3.5-rc-1-build2 OS X bundles aren't localized tbb-3.0, tbb-testcase defect closed Medium
#10360 Offline cache prompt shown; Allow button does not dismiss. tbb-usability, tbb-testcase, tbb-firefox-patch defect closed Medium
#10367 Don't advertize Mozilla Sync or healthreport to TBB users tbb-usability, tbb-testcase, tbb-firefox-patch defect closed High
#10374 Clear permissions on New Identity tbb-linkability, tbb-testcase, tbb-newnym, MikePerry201401R defect closed High
#21898 Problems over night (france-time) with at tbb-testcase defect closed Medium
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