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#22545 .onion sites are being labled with "insecure connection" #ux-team #tbb-usabilty tbb-team enhancement closed Immediate
#25015 TBB fails to launch in Linux after last update linux tbb-team defect closed Immediate
#13410 Disable self-signed certificate warnings when visiting .onion sites ux-team, TorBrowserTeam202008 pospeselr defect needs_information Very High
#19001 Tor Browser with Snowflake ux-team, anti-censorship-roadmap-2020 project new Very High
#21222 Main ticket for website redesign project ux-team, isabela project assigned Very High
#23136 moat integration (fetch bridges for the user) TorBrowserTeam201803R, ux-team brade defect closed Very High
#23261 implement configuration portion of new Tor Launcher UI ux-team, TorBrowserTeam201711R brade defect closed Very High
#23262 implement integrated progress bar for new Tor Launcher UI ux-team, TorBrowserTeam201711R brade defect closed Very High
#24918 Help users finding the new circuit display ux-team, TorBrowserTeam201808 tbb-team defect closed Very High
#25693 Activity 1.2: Make sure Firefox Photon UI works with our style guidelines ux-team, ff60-esr, TorBrowserTeam201812 antonela defect closed Very High
#25695 Activity 5.1: Redesign Tor Browser homepage ("about:tor") - create an user onboard ux-team, TorBrowserTeam201808 antonela defect closed Very High
#25696 Design of alpha onboarding for Tor Browser for Android ux-team, tbb-mobile, TorBrowserTeam201808R antonela defect closed Very High
#28093 2018 Tor Browser Android donation banner tbb-fundraising, ux-team, tbb-mobile, TorBrowserTeam201811R, TBA-a2 tbb-team defect closed Very High
#28329 Design TBA+Orbot configuration UI/UX tbb-mobile, ux-team, TBA-a3, tbb-8.5-must-alpha, TorBrowserTeam201904 tbb-team enhancement closed Very High
#28540 12/11 release Banner text tbb-fundraising, ux-team, TorBrowserTeam201812R tbb-team defect closed Very High
#32749 Tor download button on your site does nothing when I click on it ux-team hiro defect closed Very High
#33548 Help with How to verify download signature-Instructions unclear or missing for Linux Download, Linux 32, Knoppix, signatures, keys hiro defect closed Very High
#2255 TBB does not disable other firefox extensions tbb-2.2.32-4 tbb linux erinn defect closed High
#3667 Toolbar icons non-deterministic? tbb-usability, ux-team tbb-team defect closed High
#9262 Refactor cell scheduling to consider all connections at once tor-relay circuitmux performance andrea enhancement closed High
#10760 Integrate TorButton to TorBrowser core to prevent users from disabling it AffectsTails, tbb-parity, ux-team, tbb-9.0-must-alpha, GeorgKoppen201908, TorBrowserTeam201910, tbb-no-uplift tbb-team defect closed High
#11071 Change PT type dropdown to "China" and "Other" tbb-usability, ux-team brade enhancement closed High
#11095 Allow storing passwords in TorBrowser ux-team tbb-team enhancement new High
#14686 Consolidate or de-emphasize our many download pages tbb-usability-stoppoint-website, uxsprint2015, bridgedb-ui, defer-new-website, ux-team traumschule defect closed High
#21321 .onion HTTP is shown as non-secure in Tor Browser ff52-esr, tbb-7.0-issues, tbb-usability, ux-team, tbb-7.0-frequent, TorBrowserTeam201708R, GeorgKoppen201708 tbb-team task closed High
#22266 gather info on jump-to-80% issues usability, ux, ux-team, bootstrap, 035-roadmap-master, 035-triaged-in-20180711, s8-bootstrap, bootstrap-arch catalyst task closed High
#22852 header broken ux-team, defect closed High
#23247 Communicating security expectations for .onion: what to say about different padlock states for .onion services ux-team, tor-hs, TorBrowserTeam201806R pospeselr project closed High
#23506 clock_skew_warning should be a bootstrap event bootstrap clock-skew usability ux catalyst defect closed High
#23508 large clock skews cause numerous bootstrap UX issues bootstrap, clock-skew, usability, ux, 032-unreached, s8-errors defect new High
#23605 expired consensus causes guard selection to stall at BOOTSTRAP PROGRESS=80 bootstrap, clock-skew, tor-guard, usability, ux, s8-errors, 035-roadmap-subtask, 035-triaged-in-20180711, s8-bootstrap catalyst defect closed High
#24309 Activity 4.1: Improve how circuits are displayed to the user ux-team, TorBrowserTeam201805R tbb-team defect closed High
#24857 Tor uses 100% CPU when accessing the cache directory on Windows 044-should, cpu, windows, linux, performance, regression, 033-triage-20180326, 033-removed-20180326, 034-deferred-20180602, 035-removed-20180711, 032-unreached-backport, 040-roadmap-proposed, 033-unreached-backport-maybe, network-health ahf defect assigned High
#24860 Bug: Assertion cmux failed in circuitmux_get_policy at src/or/circuitmux.c tor-relay, tor-sched, cmux, tor-channel dgoulet defect closed High
#25658 Activity 2.1: Improve user understanding and user control by clarifying Tor Browser's security features ux-team, GeorgKoppen201812, TorBrowserTeam201904 antonela project new High
#25702 Activity 1.1 Update Tor Browser icon to follow design guidelines. ux-team, TorBrowserTeam201901R antonela defect closed High
#25764 Improve how circuits are displayed to the user on Android ux-team, tbb-mobile, tbb-torbutton, TBA-a3, tbb-8.5, tbb-parity, TorBrowserTeam201904, user-feedback, blog, gitlab-tb-torbutton tbb-team defect new High
#27213 Update about:tbupdate to new (about:tor) layout ux-team, TorBrowserTeam201808R tbb-team defect closed High
#27214 Update descriptions for onboarding ux-team, TorBrowserTeam201808R tbb-team defect closed High
#27385 is confusing snowflake, ux-team, anti-censorship-roadmap-july arlolra defect closed High
#27399 Leading Orfox users to Tor Browser Android ux-team, tbb-mobile, tbb-8.5, TorBrowserTeam201909 tbb-team enhancement closed High
#27485 Onboarding: user not taught *how* to open the security-slider dialog tbb-8.0-issues, tbb-onboarding, ux-team, tbb-8.5, TorBrowserTeam201903 tbb-team defect closed High
#27511 Add New identity button to toolbar ux-team, tbb-newnym, tbb-9.0-must-alpha, TorBrowserTeam201910R tbb-team enhancement closed High
#27554 Wrong Icon Shown on Windows 10 Start Menu (Tor Browser 8.5a1) ux-team, tbb-team tbb-team defect closed High
#28044 Integrate Tor Launcher into tor-browser AffectsTails, ux-team, TorBrowserTeam201905R, tbb-no-uplift brade defect closed High
#28622 Update Tor Browser Icon for Android ux-team, tbb-mobile, TBA-a3, tbb-parity, tbb-8.5-must-alpha, TorBrowserTeam201904R, GeorgKoppen201904 tbb-team task closed High
#28800 Implement New Identity functionality for Tor Browser on Android tbb-mobile, tbb-newnym, ux-team, TBA-a3, tbb-8.5, tbb-parity, TorBrowserTeamTriaged, post-fenix-migration tbb-team task needs_information High
#28925 distinguish PT vs proxy for real in bootstrap tracker asn-merge, teor-merge, s8-bootstrap, usability, ux, tor-pt, tbb-needs, 040-must, network-team-roadmap-2019-Q1Q2 catalyst defect closed High
#29456 Tor Browser Compleat fail, Zero Logs "lock out" Tor Browser Fail Lock Out Update Linux OS Parrot tbb-team defect closed High
#29494 Optimize interaction between circuitmux and circuitpadding wtf-pad, circpad-researchers-want, tor-cmux, tor-sched, network-team-roadmap-2020Q1 mikeperry enhancement needs_revision High
#29646 NoScript XSS user choices are persisted tbb-disk-leak, xss, noscript, tbb-newnym, ux-team, tbb-torbutton, gitlab-tb-torbutton tbb-team defect new High
#30403 Add bug reporting to Help Menu ux-team tbb-team enhancement closed High
#30497 Add Donate link in about:tor ux-team, TorBrowserTeam201905R, GeorgKoppen201905 defect closed High
#30570 Implement per-site security settings support ux-team, tbb-9.5, TorBrowserTeam202006 pospeselr enhancement assigned High
#30577 Add Fundraising Banner with next TBB security update ux-team, TorBrowserTeam201907R tbb-team task closed High
#30599 Cloudflare alt-svc onions cause a different exit to be used at each request ux-team tbb-team defect closed High
#31286 Include bridge configuration into about:preferences tbb-9.0-must-alpha, ff68-esr, ux-team, TorBrowserTeam201910R, BugSmashFund, tbb-no-uplift pospeselr task closed High
#31768 Introduce Tor network settings and other updates in TB9 onboarding ux-team, tbb-9.0-must-alpha, TorBrowserTeam201910R, tbb-onboarding, tbb-no-uplift tbb-team defect closed High
#32460 download page has confusing flow, especially with donate banner ux-team hiro defect closed High
#1945 TBB for Linux cannot find default Xauthority file tbb linux erinn defect closed Medium
#2251 QT warning with TBB on Gnu/Linux tbb linux erinn defect closed Medium
#2252 Tool tips in Vidalia don't display tbb linux erinn defect closed Medium
#2257 Firefox listens on UDP *:35035 tbb linux erinn defect closed Medium
#2258 Data is incorrectly stored on disk in wrong place tbb linux erinn defect closed Medium
#2316 TOR crashes computer when downloading a particular JPEG Linux,crash,jpeg defect closed Medium
#2650 Does Tor Browser use dns from the tor network itself? tbb linux defect closed Medium
#3030 Log message "connection problems please raise your ulimit -n" tbb linux tor-relay defect closed Medium
#3544 Provide Linux users with help for getting Tor Browser icon added to menu ux-team, tbb-parity tbb-team enhancement new Medium
#5294 Make human summary of Tor Browser design doc SponsorO, ux-team tbb-team task new Medium
#5915 Write patch to make socks handshakes succeed instantly needs-proposal, tor-client, intro, performance, application, experiment, tbb-wants?, performance?, ux, 042-deferred-20190918, 043-deferred enhancement needs_revision Medium
#6444 custom firefox theme for TBB tbb-usability, ux-team tbb-team enhancement closed Medium
#6493 Vidalia exited abnormally. Exit code: 126 exit, code, 126, vidalia, tor, mint, maya, cinnamonbrowser, bundle, GNU, linux erinn defect closed Medium
#6503 Single-word URL bar searching doesn't work tbb-usability-stoppoint-navigation, uxsprint2015, tbb-firefox-patch gk defect closed Medium
#7046 TBB Comfort loader when connecting to Tor Hidden Services tbb-usability, tbb-torbutton, ux-team, gitlab-tb-torbutton tbb-team enhancement new Medium
#7921 Remove/hide fingerprintable UI options tbb-fingerprinting, tbb-usability, ux-team tbb-team enhancement new Medium
#8686 padlock or colored url bar for connections to hidden services tbb-torbutton, tbb-usability, ux-team tbb-team enhancement closed Medium
#9334 Ship torbrowser with a tor-specifc firefox background theme ("Persona") ux-team tbb-team enhancement new Medium
#9541 "Work Offline" button should stop/start tor (as well) tbb-usability, ux-team tbb-team enhancement new Medium
#9575 Rename "New Identity" tbb-newnym, tbb-torbutton, ux-team, user-feedback, gitlab-tb-torbutton tbb-team defect new Medium
#9716 Don't hardcode listen() backlog tor-relay easy 024-backport limits, socket, freebsd, linux enhancement closed Medium
#10524 Document the use of tar.xz files xz tar bundle download Linux mttp enhancement closed Medium
#10888 Mozilla trademarks still remain in some about: urls tbb-branding, ux-team tbb-team defect new Medium
#11465 Log a backtrace on sandbox failure. tor-client sandbox linux defect closed Medium
#11569 Consider making donations part of the download process www-team, website, donations enhancement sebastian-0115-triaged defer-new-website, ux-team enhancement closed Medium
#11698 Decide how to incorporate Tor Browser Manual pages into Tor Browser tbb-manual, ux-team, TorBrowserTeam202010 defect new Medium
#12164 Users with no network obstacles are emailing us instead of clicking connect tbb-helpdesk-frequent, tbb-usability-stoppoint-wizard, uxsprint2015 brade defect closed Medium
#12192 TOR does not function on hardened linux kernel with PaX grsec,pax,hardened,linux,mprotect defect closed Medium
#12672 Tor log should be accessible while Tor Browser is starting up log ux-team bootstrap brade enhancement new Medium
#12948 TBB Linux 4.0-Alpha-1 HashedControlPassword not working TBB, Linux, HashedControlPassword, Alpha, regression isis defect closed Medium
#13855 Use known onions for XMPP servers UX sukhbir defect closed Medium
#13937 Allow the use of NoScript in whitelist mode ux ui noscript tbb-team defect new Medium
#14389 little-t-tor: Provide support for better TBB UI of hidden service client authorization tor-hs, tbb-usability, ux-team, hs-auth, network-team-roadmap-september, 042-deferred-20190918, network-team-roadmap-2020Q1, 043-deferred tbb-team defect closed Medium
#14629 Torbutton prefs are confusing and unnecessary tbb-usability, tbb-torbutton, uxsprint2015 tbb-team defect closed Medium
#14630 Remove "TorButton > Preferences > Proxy Settings" Tab tbb-usability uxsprint2015, MikePerry201502, TorBrowserTeam201502 mikeperry defect closed Medium
#14631 Users that try to run from DMG files run into "Another copy of Firefox is running" tbb-usability, uxsprint2015, tbb-usability-stoppoint-app,tbb-helpdesk-frequent,tbb-firefox-patch, tbb-4.5-alpha, TorBrowserTeam201503R, MikePerry201503R mcs defect closed Medium
#14632 Disable Cookie Manager until we get it working tbb-usability, tbb-torbutton, uxsprint2015, MikePerry201502, TorBrowserTeam201502 mikeperry defect closed Medium
#14633 Default NoScript settings says "Allow Scripts Globally" is "dangerous" tbb-usability uxsprint2015 tbb-team defect new Medium
#14634 NoScript whitelisting and blacklisting of scripts keyed by URL bar domain tbb-usability uxsprint2015 tbb-team defect closed Medium
#14635 Transparent Torification test button complains about Polipo uxsprint2015 tbb-team defect closed Medium
#14636 single-word searches don't work in URL bar tbb-usability-stoppoint-navigation, uxsprint2015 tbb-team defect closed Medium
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