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Component: Internal Services (3 matches)

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#22673 new Migrate Tor Projects' HSs (the list is in to ed25519 cypherpunks
#23842 new Automatic check of ListOfServicesBlockingTor cypherpunks
#26330 new We could use an IRC bot to interact with our "/me status:" messages nickm

Component: Internal Services/Schleuder (3 matches)

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#25536 new Build (and document) a set of habits around our schleuder replies hiro arma
#32109 assigned email alias does not exist dgoulet pili
#22260 needs_information Schleuder does not decrypt and re-encrypt attachments hiro teor

Component: Internal Services/Service - deb.tpo (3 matches)

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#31032 new Use narrowly-scoped signing keys in instructions for using torproject apt repository weasel dkg
#27008 assigned Remove ooniprobe and dependencies hellais irl
#26906 assigned Add sbws Debian package in deb.tpo juga juga

Component: Internal Services/Service - dist (13 matches)

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#15349 reopened Stem out of date in (1.2.2 rather than 1.3.0) atagar Lluis Sala
#27445 new archive signing key expired again
#11251 new Utilize unidirectional wireless broadcast distribution for Tor packages anon
#8548 new Put pyobfsproxy/pyptlib releases in dist asn
#30268 new Write down a policy for dist.tpo boklm
#31885 needs_information 403 Error on HSv2 rqef5a5mebgq46y5.onion hiro cypherpunks
#24162 assigned Torsocks tarballs should not be on my people.tpo hiro dgoulet
#29418 assigned Clean up dist.tpo once hiro ln5
#29419 assigned Implement something resembling uploading to Debian hiro ln5
#13122 new Please make .asc files be downloaded instead of displayed lunar
#8689 new Periodically verify signatures in /dist mo
#7004 new reduce webserver bandwidth utilization phobos
#13134 new Figure out access rights to new tpa phobos

Component: Internal Services/Service - git (9 matches)

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#32025 new Stop using corpsvn and disable it as a service tor-gitadm arma
#31350 needs_information test the locales for Android with a githook after updating from transifex tor-gitadm emmapeel
#32737 new Please remove wrongly pushed branches from the tor-browser repo tor-gitadm gk
#32197 new Gitlab throwing 503 when creating a Merge Request from a forked repository tor-gitadm hiro
#32730 new Status of and migration from ansible to the omnibus package tor-gitadm hiro
#32949 assigned Migrate dip from gitlab-01 to gitlab-02 hiro hiro
#32422 new Add boklm as a gitolite admin tor-gitadm sysrqb
#32647 new Please delete tor-launcher master-68.3.0esr-9.5 branch tor-gitadm sysrqb
#33183 new Please delete Git Tags tor-gitadm sysrqb

Component: Internal Services/Service - github tpo (2 matches)

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#32574 new set up mirror repo on GitHub torproject/jtorctl hiro eighthave
#28643 new New github team for manual and support hiro teor

Component: Internal Services/Service - jenkins (9 matches)

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#10361 new Test multiple python versions via jenkins atagar
#28586 new Run stem jenkins tests with python 2 and 3 weasel atagar
#32879 new Jenkins tests now require python 3.6+ weasel atagar
#32968 new Stem Jenkins CI failing with segfaults weasel atagar
#22635 new Run tor's make test-stem in Jenkins weasel catalyst
#32746 accepted translations repo and jenkins: reduce builds emmapeel emmapeel
#32996 needs_review trigger lektor/translations build when translation.git/[website] updates weasel emmapeel
#25819 new Email committers on jenkins compile+test failures weasel mikeperry
#21582 new Stem Jenkins CI only tests against python2 weasel patrickod

Component: Internal Services/Service - lists (7 matches)

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#32275 new Close down tor-reports list, or at least remove the postfix lines qbi arma
#19248 new Redirect email aliases weasel atagar
#23932 new Please grant more folks list creation permissions qbi atagar
#25880 new mailing list archive download not working qbi cypherpunks
#12436 new Mail archive lint grarpamp
#19943 new Improve mailing-list footers qbi lunar
#19914 new DKIM causing trouble with Tor lists, should be stripped qbi starlight

Component: Internal Services/Service - nextcloud (2 matches)

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#32332 new Set up LDAP authn for nc.tpn nextcloud-admin@… ln5
#32392 new Emails are sent from nextcloud-admin@… ln5

Component: Internal Services/Service - trac (63 matches)

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#29764 new Accessing this bug tracker via TorBrowser results in endless loop of captchas qbi DNied
#31746 needs_information Ticket application keeps hanging qbi Magik
#8581 assigned trac's useradmin plugin is horribe Sebastian Sebastian
#25780 new Move Tor Messenger from Applications/ to Archived/ component qbi arlolra
#4193 assigned make trac timeline be the frontpage for qbi arma
#14680 assigned Add an additional magic word requirement for making a trac account hiro arma
#16570 new Add new 'awaiting backport' state for Trac tickets? arma
#20642 new rename "Internal Services" trac component to "Infrastructure"? qbi arma
#24191 new Remove trac spam prevention from GRP_devel people qbi arma
#27009 new move leekspin trac component to archived qbi arma
#28867 new Need to improve ./delete-user script for deleting spam comments qbi arma
#23771 new Certain Trac accounts are vulnerable to social engineering homograph impersonation qbi arthuredeIstein
#5513 new Trac wiki disclaimer erinn atagar
#27836 new RSS feed https authentication qbi atagar
#9513 new Populate "Version" with entries that match the selected component. erinn bastik
#9749 new Include Link to Gitweb in MainNav again erinn bastik
#13995 new Replace sensitive information upon submission erinn bastik
#19916 new Some errors after Trac upgrade: edit toolbar icons forbidden, etc qbi bugzilla
#27377 new Broken Captcha on Trac qbi cadaeibfed
#27405 new New account can't add edit existing ticket qbi codejames
#22083 new Automatically check all the files uploaded to Trac and Wiki for viruses qbi cypherpunks
#23152 new Disallow tiff (and other non png non text) uploads qbi cypherpunks
#23284 reopened Trolls from Olgino are trolling Russia-related issues in Tor bug tracker qbi cypherpunks
#23999 new New table format qbi cypherpunks
#24058 new Allow more link - WeSupportTor qbi cypherpunks
#25230 assigned create new trac component for reporting bad-relays hiro cypherpunks
#25893 new trac.tpo captcha broken qbi cypherpunks
#26742 reopened Where did the search bar on trac go? What did the 🦊 say? qbi cypherpunks
#26752 new Give cypherpunks account and other new accounts possibility of editing title, keywords, ...etc of already filled tickets qbi cypherpunks
#27409 new improve captcha used by trac qbi cypherpunks3
#33317 new Add new sponsor 59 to trac qbi gaba
#18954 reopened Trac should not make request to next/related bug qbi gk
#13710 new Make ticket descriptions editable by submitter erinn grarpamp
#23674 assigned Symbolic link not allowed error in apache/trac hiro hiro
#17899 new Mystery Buttons Appear in Trac Create New Ticket Page qbi huertanix
#29673 new Give explanation of our use of Trac metadata on the create ticket form qbi irl
#15952 new Whitelist EFF IP for Trac spam erinn jsha
#15020 new Preserve unsaved issue report or warn about data loss erinn krichter
#15021 new Clarify working with sources erinn krichter
#29420 assigned Delete inactive users qbi ln5
#29423 assigned Enable search for non-logged in users on trac qbi ln5
#8586 new Add ability to watch wiki pages erinn lunar
#10982 new How about adding a “blocked” state? lunar
#2609 new Make trac send less mail erinn mikeperry
#13474 new Can we have TracRedirect plugin installed? mrphs
#20771 new support multiple componenet owners qbi mrphs
#27404 reopened I cant edit the Wiki after registration qbi myloc_aug_2018
#14102 new Trac should be enabled to encrypt mails using PGP / GnuPG erinn mzupzyij
#27758 new Tor Website->Volunteer->Tor->Bug Tracker: REPORT_VIEW privileges are required to perform this operation on report:12. You don't have the required permissions. qbi neel
#2259 new The "new ticket" page should contain good advice on how to write good tickets. erinn nickm
#19000 new Please let me set Owner without changing Status qbi nickm
#19070 new Batch-modify notifications don't seem very useful qbi nickm
#24144 new Cannot login or submit forms Trac onion site ('must use HTTPS to submit forms') qbi nido
#32183 new Repeated captcha requests qbi notaninja
#13270 assigned spam in wiki / consider automated spam prevention hiro proper
#9360 accepted increase font size in trac saint qbi
#24981 reopened Update trac identity to match styleguide hiro steph
#23313 reopened The trac "reply/edit/delete" comment buttons now require JavaScript qbi teor
#30156 new Copy the sponsor field to child tickets in trac.ini qbi teor
#31831 new Add "Sponsor31" to the Trac sponsors field qbi teor
#24314 new Change trac username to tjr qbi tom
#27534 new Trac's autocomplete.js logs $.browser is undefined qbi traumschule
#19430 new External resource inclusions are allowed in Trac qbi twim

Component: Internal Services/Services Admin Team (9 matches)

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#21235 new Try dividing up services by vegas teams arma
#32569 assigned Make sure dip gettor repo is up to date with gitweb hiro cohosh
#31052 new Guest accounts in the ticketing system qbi gaba
#33107 new Install a web metrics solution hiro
#33108 new How and when should the sysadmin team adopt a service hiro
#29400 assigned Set up a Gitlab instance tpa ln5
#27612 new dccbbv6cooddgcrq.onion ( redirects to tor-gitadm traumschule
#27634 new Add nagios checks for hidden services availability traumschule
#31534 new dip, gitlab is spamming torproject-admin weasel

Component: Internal Services/Tor Sysadmin Team (52 matches)

Ticket Status Summary Owner Reporter
#21303 needs_information monitor our fastly usage for early warning of overage charges hiro arma
#16214 new Upgrade Sphinx for Stem's site tpa atagar
#20122 reopened Create VM for Tor Browser tests tpa boklm
#32981 assigned New RT queue 'training' pili ggus
#23574 accepted Don't allow text injection in our 404 page hiro gk
#29901 assigned Point to tpo repository hiro hiro
#30929 assigned Need a new vm for snowflake monitoring hiro hiro
#32090 new Blog status and where to go tpa hiro
#33027 new Add blackbox exporter to prometheus ext tpa hiro
#33037 new Does civi handle bounces? tpa hiro
#33106 new Deploy solr on tor project infra tpa hiro
#29379 new Maybe shut down VM's automatically when they expire? tpa ln5
#29380 new Link to db.tpo from infrastructure page, for service expiration dates tpa ln5
#29381 new Add to LDAP expiration date and list of "stakeholders" tpa ln5
#29382 new Add to LDAP, for each host, expiration date and list of "stakeholders" tpa ln5
#29383 assigned Add to LDAP, for each user account, an expiration date weasel ln5
#29384 assigned Add to LDAP, for each group, an expiration date weasel ln5
#29385 assigned Adapt LDAP scripts to honour expiration dates weasel ln5
#29386 assigned Implement and deploy script for spamming people about account, group and host expiration weasel ln5
#29390 new Ask owners of all torproject.<ccTLD> to stop serving the zone tpa ln5
#29394 assigned Find another authoritative DNS provider tpa ln5
#29398 new Create a template for requesting infrastructure resources tpa ln5
#29399 new Retire host and services for tordnsel and check (chiwui) tpa ln5
#29407 assigned Get search.tpo going hiro ln5
#29408 assigned Can we move TB downloads to CDN? ln5 ln5
#29409 assigned Host-alive checks (ping) on IPv6 weasel ln5
#29411 new Find out who should be on tormedia and who could be a co-maintainer tpa ln5
#29412 new Find co-maintainers for hiro tpa ln5
#29413 new Find out who could help maintain tpa ln5
#29414 new Find out who could help maintain tpa ln5
#30670 assigned Ask holder of to stop serving the zone ln5 ln5
#30671 new Ask holder of to stop serving the zone tpa ln5
#30672 new Ask holder of to stop serving the zone tpa ln5
#30673 assigned Ask holder of to stop serving the zone ln5 ln5
#17202 assigned Shut down SVN and decomission the host (gayi) gaba nickm
#17467 assigned Add proposals to tpa nickm
#30699 new spam filter for bad-relays ML tpa nusenu
#32532 assigned Install ZNC on Chives, make pastly admin it pastly pastly
#31159 assigned Monitor anti-censorship www services with prometheus hiro phw
#33295 needs_information Install Python 3-related packages on polyanthum tpa phw
#29304 new Manage the lifecycle of systems tpa qbi
#29305 new Adapt LDAP to have expiration date and unix groups tpa qbi
#29306 assigned Write a script to mail people informing them about expiration of their service weasel qbi
#33189 needs_review Plan for increase in CiviCRM email send rate tpa richarde
#20319 needs_revision set HPKP headers on onionoo tpa weasel
#23035 new make CRM able to receive mail tpa weasel
#29336 new split git from gitweb.tpo tpa weasel
#31083 new kvm5 uses unexpected IP address tpa weasel
#31605 new monitor jenkin plugin updates tpa weasel
#31659 new new onionoo hosts tpa weasel
#32179 accepted move orestis to be a new-style onionoo frontend weasel weasel
#32268 new second new onionoo backend tpa weasel
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