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#3212 Archived/Obfsproxy asn obfsproxy needs integration tests Medium
#3472 Core Tor/Tor asn Implementing the pluggable-transport spec (managed proxies) Medium
#3473 Archived/Obfsproxy asn Better signal handling for obfsproxy Medium
#3474 Archived/Obfsproxy asn obfsproxy managed proxies support Medium
#3551 Archived/Obfsproxy asn obfsproxy: Be consistent on the function return convention Medium
#3578 Circumvention/Pluggable transport asn 180-pluggable-transport.txt changes Medium
#3587 Core Tor/Tor Accounting should work with pluggable transports Medium
#3608 Core Tor/Tor asn Server transport proxies should bind on a consistent port Medium
#3725 Core Tor/Tor Implement the wildcard "*" protocol in {Client,Server}TransportPlugin lines Medium
#3726 Archived/Obfsproxy asn obfsproxy needs contrib/ Medium
#3729 Archived/Obfsproxy asn obfsproxy rate limiting Medium
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