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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#21708 Orbot/application closed < > defect Immediate
#28350 Request for a Tor Circuit site which appears to be in the USA closed < apparent IP address > enhancement Medium
#19866 surfing web closed < default >up defect Medium
#16463 Adding Tor animation to press page of Tor web site closed < mrphs > enhancement Medium
#16370 update alias for closed < weasel > defect Medium
#12591 Lcov coverage reports closed <default> enhancement Medium Tor: 0.2.6.x-final
#20363 New VM/domain for services needed by our testnet closed <default> task Low
#6746 help closed ? defect Medium Tor: 0.2.3.x-final
#6998 can't stop run as service closed ANYONE! defect High
#20013 Orbot top sites page bug. new Abe defect Medium
#2615 ttdnsd crash closed Ady1994 defect Medium ttdnsd: 0.8
#1074 Tor sends clock_skew status event warn too liberally closed AltF4 defect Low Tor: unspecified
#2639 tor failing - NetBSD - Tor v0.2.3.0-alpha-dev (git-b3d74045ae79544f) closed AltF4 defect Very High Tor:
#10357 Japanese translation work for Tor client completed closed Anon_Japan enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#25269 Set codegen-units to 1 in src/rust/Cargo.toml to eke out every last drop of performance needs_information Backxwash enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#21520 stem.process gets stuck closed Cornax defect Medium
#13421 GoodBadISP's Revamp accepted Cthulhu project Medium
#13473 Sort Existing GoodBadISP page into tables accepted Cthulhu task Medium
#13867 New Bad ISPs Page assigned Cthulhu project Medium
#9999 XML Parsing Error: unexpected parser state closed ET defect Medium
#17938 Pagination would be useful when dealing with large numbers of results closed Frank Gregor enhancement Low Onionoo 3.2-1.1.0
#34151 Readme needs update closed HashikD enhancement Very Low
#23868 Long contactInfo is not properly displayed closed Hedylogos defect Medium
#23871 Atlas top-10 drop down broken closed Hedylogos defect Medium
#22233 Reconsider behavior on .z URLs with Accept-Encoding header accepted Hello71 defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#23883 document how to get Travis CI running on your fork of tor closed Hello71 task Medium Tor: 0.3.4.x-final
#24119 channel_rsa_id_group_set_badness spends a lot of time in malloc/free closed Hello71 enhancement Medium Tor: 0.3.3.x-final
#24279 configure libevent leaks closed Hello71 defect Medium Tor: 0.3.2.x-final
#24967 torsocks fails to check SIP if the path itself is a symlink closed Hello71 defect Medium
#25278 clean up torint.h closed Hello71 defect Low Tor: unspecified
#25639 think about Rust crate boundaries closed Hello71 enhancement Low
#25895 Cross-compiling tor rust for Windows is broken closed Hello71 defect High Tor: 0.3.4.x-final
#26038 Misc Rust/Cargo improvements (incl. use global cargo cache) closed Hello71 enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#26040 Improve getrandom handling closed Hello71 enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#26376 add cross compiling docs needs_information Hello71 enhancement Low Tor: unspecified
#26464 Static cross-compiling for Windows is broken new Hello71 defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#28100 Tor shouldn't set Content-Type: application/octet-stream when compressing results closed Hello71 defect Medium Tor: 0.4.0.x-final
#28113 notify systemd if shutdown will be longer than 30 seconds needs_revision Hello71 defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#8177 Vidalia Help Documentation Out of Date closed JacobHenner defect Low
#13703 Adding doc/HARDENING accepted Jaruga enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#20537 Tor Browser User Manual needs meta section accepted Jaruga defect Medium
#21113 Create docs for apt-transport-tor closed Jaruga task Medium
#23222 Tor Browser Manual circumvention page needs update closed Jaruga defect Medium
#23345 Update transports.html in to include the snowflake PT closed Jaruga enhancement Medium
#24320 Add an instruction to how to translate tbb-manual in your language closed Jaruga task Medium
#24672 The Security Slider manual should reflect the new changes made to the security slider closed Jaruga defect Medium
#24872 remove outdated tor relay security recommendations and update these wiki pages accepted Jaruga defect Medium
#25057 Warn Tor users about how to use Bitcoin over Tor, using blog and official twitter. closed Jaruga task Medium
#25865 Security Slider USer Manual Page is out of date closed Jaruga defect Medium
#30558 Namecoin support for onion sites in Tor Browser closed JeremyRand defect Medium
#1922 torrc.d-style configuration directories closed Jigsaw52 enhancement Low Tor: 0.3.1.x-final
#3698 Multi-line torrc options conflict with Windows paths assigned Jigsaw52 defect Low Tor: unspecified
#4998 MyFamily as a list closed Jigsaw52 defect Medium Tor: 0.3.1.x-final
#5409 Warn if we're on Windows, and the user ends a line accepting a directory path with a backslash? assigned Jigsaw52 defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#7869 ntor-onion-key is padded with an equal sign needs_review Jigsaw52 defect Low Tor: unspecified
#21788 Very small memory leak with --verify-config closed Jigsaw52 defect Very Low Tor: 0.3.1.x-final
#22101 Can't have relative DataDirectory with CookieAuthentication enabled closed Jigsaw52 defect Medium Tor: 0.3.2.x-final
#22102 Can't HUP with a relative path in Log line closed Jigsaw52 defect Medium Tor: 0.3.2.x-final
#22417 crash: double free or corruption (fasttop): closed Jigsaw52 defect High Tor: 0.3.1.x-final
#25140 Parse only .torrc files in torrc.d directory needs_review Jigsaw52 task High Tor: 0.4.4.x-final
#28541 Exit accepted Jkee299 project Immediate
#29345 Can't install TOR as a service on Windows 10 closed JohnnyFrog defect Immediate
#12262 Relay is not working, Vidalia 0.2.21 closed Jude-fruit defect Medium
#1568 Implement new dirreq share in ERNIE to fix "Recurring users" graphs closed Karsten defect Medium
#1630 Extend database schema by materialized views closed Karsten enhancement High
#1631 Extend dynamic metrics portal prototype to all graphs closed Karsten task High
#1632 Make Data page dynamic closed Karsten task High
#1633 Switch metrics portal to JSP/servlets closed Karsten task Medium
#1635 Enable https:// on metrics.tpo closed Karsten task Medium
#1638 Update to latest ggplot2 release once it contains our patches closed Karsten task Low
#1640 Combine torperf results from different sources closed Karsten task Low
#1643 Set up descriptor database for other researchers closed Karsten task Medium
#1644 Calculate request share from descriptor archives rather than believing in what relays say closed Karsten task Medium
#1698 Investigate unbelievably high bridge user numbers closed Karsten defect Medium
#1706 Calculate fraction of bytes spent on answering directory requests closed Karsten enhancement Medium
#11001 Create volunteering@ email account closed Karsten task Medium
#10396 Reproducible MARs closed Kastafior project Medium Chronos: phase two
#5991 Create general anonymity with Tor video closed Kelley project Medium
#6891 Start re-writing and updating our documentation for non-technical users closed Kelley project Medium
#6920 write the storyboard/script for this video closed Kelley project Medium
#8074 Research making Tor-logo webcam bandaids closed Kelley enhancement Medium
#10587 Crowdfunding (parts of) the Tor Project closed Kelley project Medium
#10964 Review hosting logistics and details. closed Kelley task Medium
#10995 Send Save-the-Date Email closed Kelley task Medium
#10996 Create and send FAQ briefing document to sponsor closed Kelley task Medium
#10998 Confirm / Cancel Professional Facilitator closed Kelley task Medium
#10999 Create a list of people that will be invited to the 2014 summer dev meeting closed Kelley task Medium
#11000 Redesign Tor Volunteer Page on Website closed Kelley project Medium
#11005 Find a hotel for 2014 summer dev. meeting attendees closed Kelley task Medium
#11051 Design, Develop and Launch Tor Dev Meeting Webpage(s) closed Kelley project Medium
#11062 Meet with Web Designer to scope out the project. closed Kelley task Medium
#11063 Decide on domaine name or link to Tor main website closed Kelley task Medium
#11064 Work with a designer on design options closed Kelley task Medium
#11065 Plan for growth closed Kelley task Medium
#11067 Planning for the Summer 2014 Tor Dev Meeting closed Kelley project Medium
#11068 Reach-out to Potential Sponsors closed Kelley task Medium
#11079 Create the 2013 Tor Project Annual Report closed Kelley project Medium
#11135 Give out invitation letters for visa applications closed Kelley task Medium
#12704 Create strategy for distributing learning materials closed Kelley project Medium
#13090 Create an inventory of existing presentations closed Kelley project Medium
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