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Ticket Summary Cc Status Owner Type Priority
#27405 New account can't add edit existing ticket ggus new qbi project High
#27209 replace absolute links (in the wiki) nusenu, ggus assigned traumschule defect Medium
#27354 Support: Add instruction to change the config ggus, emmapeel, alison assigned ggus enhancement Medium
#27489 add openfiles-max and kern.maxfiles settings for OpenBSD ggus, gman assigned egypcio enhancement Medium
#27562 Detect the locale and automatically serve the language specific support portal ggus, emmapeel, antonela, arthuredelstein new hiro enhancement Medium
#27621 port tb-manual to lektor hiro, alison, emmapeel, antonela, ggus, mcs assigned project Medium
#27632 Get in contact with operators / supporters of hackspaces possibly interested in running a relay ggus assigned phoul project Medium
#27668 Wikipedia wants more attention ggus new task Medium
#27710 How often do relays upload their descriptor per day? nusenu, ggus new Nusenu enhancement Medium
#27771 Update PreventingDnsLeaksInTor wiki page ggus new task Medium
#27986 add to the onion services section emmapeel, ggus assigned ggus enhancement Medium
#28154 What do the different onions mean on the address bar? ggus assigned gus enhancement Medium
#28235 Generate screenshots for the Tor Browser manual ggus, traumschule, alison, arthuredelstein, emmapeel assigned arthuredelstein task Medium
#28408 detect when translations are lost (with git hook?) ggus assigned emmapeel enhancement Medium
#28417 Translate glossary / browser manual translates 'Circuit' inconsistently ggus needs_review traumschule defect Medium
#28418 Improve NoScript documentation ggus new phoul defect Medium
#28474 add to the support portal ggus, traumschule needs_review stephw enhancement Medium
#28475 Update support portal on Tor Browser for Android ggus new phoul task Medium
#28488 Fix absolute paths on ggus needs_review phoul defect Medium
#28489 tb-manual: add moat as a way to get bridges ggus, traumschule needs_review phoul enhancement Medium
#28490 tb-manual/secure connections: fancy svg is not working, needs to be fixed or replaced ggus, traumschule assigned wayward defect Medium
#28499 tb-manual: create redirects for old resources ggus assigned hiro defect Medium
#28516 tb-manual: add alt attributes to the images for accessibility ggus, traumschule new phoul defect Medium
#28526 Document how NGOs can run private obfs4 bridges, and get some doing it sysrqb, flexlibris, ggus, phoul assigned ggus project Medium
#28531 Publish a snapshot of what PTs are needed for successful Tor use in each country ggus, mcs, pili new alison task Medium
#28549 Add missing FAQ questions to support.tpo alison, ggus assigned task Medium
#28557 tb-manual: review and update the known issues page ggus, traumschule assigned wayward task Medium
#28776 support: explain *why* it is not good to install new add-ons at ggus assigned phoul defect Medium
#28820 Tor Browser Manual: Add Android specific details ggus, traumschule new phoul task Medium
#28948 Anonymous/private HTTP alternative. ggus new alison project Medium
#29075 Sort support glossary by target language ggus new hiro enhancement Medium
#29502 Glossary on the support portal should be moved to the main menu ggus new hiro defect Medium
#29584 Write a guide to understanding a Tor log emmapeel, ggus, gk, traumschule assigned wayward task Medium
#29785 Update glossary terms to current new TB funcionality. ggus assigned phoul defect Medium
#29856 tb manual: duplicated info around bridges ggus, traumschule new phoul defect Medium
#29918 add Trademark FAQ to the support portal alison, ggus new phoul defect Medium
#29941 get locales closer to Mozilla in Tor Launcher tbb-team, gk, ggus assigned emmapeel defect Medium
#29963 Allow browser Find (Ctrl+F) on ggus new hiro defect Medium
#30027 lektor portals: Titles should not be capitalized in the CSS ggus, traumschule assigned emmapeel defect Medium
#30054 Special characters are not escaped in translations and break the build emmapeel, igt0, gk, hans@…, ggus new emmapeel defect Medium
#30074 Clarify what is the plan with bn, bn-BD, bn-IN, that are now different versions in Mozilla l10n ggus, gk, pili assigned emmapeel task Medium
#30080 support portal: keep anchor when changing language ggus assigned hiro defect Medium
#30083 support portal: replace duplicated support questions for symlinks ggus assigned phoul defect Medium
#30161 tb-manual: sidebar does not move to the other side when on ltr languages ggus, traumschule new phoul defect Medium
#30297 Add links to threat-assessment documents at ggus, traumschule assigned wayward task Medium
#30445 some suggestions to the tor relay guide nusenu, ggus new Nusenu enhancement Medium
#30515 support portal: update confguration examples with current config ggus assigned wayward defect Medium
#30678 remove hardcoded capitalization from tpo css and templates ggus, traumschule new hiro defect Medium
#30690 Please include licensing information in outreach materials ggus new alison enhancement Medium
#30717 Consider exempting users from OFTC registered nick requirement ggus new alison enhancement Medium
#30777 Run a "set up new bridges" campaign gaba, cohosh, arma, ggus, stephw new alison project Medium
#30844 Update Tor Browser Manual with "NoOnionTraffic" option ggus, traumschule new wayward defect Medium
#30900 Add a section or link to instructions about NAT in the tor relay guide nusenu, ggus new Nusenu defect Medium
#27753 Improve visibility of IPv6 related settings ggus, nusenu assigned enhancement Low
#29964 Cannot install Tor on USB on macOS ggus new alison task Low
#30416 Enforce cooperation sanity ggus new alison defect Low
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