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#30558 Namecoin support for onion sites in Tor Browser pili, gk, antonela, asn assigned JeremyRand defect Medium
#30573 TBA: open with Tor Browser does not work if Tor Browser is not open already gk new tbb-team defect Medium
#30589 Tor Browser on Windows does not support Hindi or Tamil. gk, mcs, dcf new tbb-team defect Medium
#30607 Support Tor Running on Android Q gk, sysrqb, n8fr8 new tbb-team defect Medium
#12113 Building libevent/openssl on Windows without exception handling would reduce dependencies gk, boklm, kpdyer new erinn defect Low
#15458 StrongSocksIsolation option (w/ virtual circuits?) gk, mcs, arthuredelstein, anonym new enhancement Low
#15710 Consider enabling the BCJ filter when packaging bundles. gk new tbb-team enhancement Low
#16017 Tor Browser should use PROTOCOLINFO. isis, gk, brade, mcs new tbb-team enhancement Low
#16516 TBB doesn't use page title when bookmarking by dragging globe/lock icon brade, mcs, gk new tbb-team defect Low
#18154 attempt to open a socket after DisableNetwork=1 transition gk, brade new defect Low
#22477 Add -Wl,--large-address-aware to tor-for-Windows build chain bastik.public@…, tjr, gk new defect Low
#26368 Consider circuit isolation when closing redundant intro points gk, mahrud needs_revision defect Low
#29272 Assess Marionette for interation with Tor cohosh, gk new project Low
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