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#28930 consider reordering PT/proxy phases brade, mcs, arma assigned ahf enhancement Medium
#23632 Apply Tor trademark for anon-connection-wizard arma, adrelanos, brade, mcs new alison task Low
#28531 Publish a snapshot of what PTs are needed for successful Tor use in each country ggus, mcs, pili new alison task Medium
#25658 Activity 2.1: Improve user understanding and user control by clarifying Tor Browser's security features tbb-team, dmr, isnaiter, arthuredelstein, mcs, brade needs_information antonela project High
#19843 Sorry. You are not using Tor.Your IP address appears to be: mcs assigned arlolra defect Medium
#23888 Creating a Snowflake WebExtension addon oarel@…, dcf, arlolra, mcs, antonela, gaba, cohosh assigned arlolra enhancement Medium
#13017 Determine if AudioBuffers/OfflineAudioContext are a fingerprinting vector arthuredelstein, isis, mcs, brade, zevnull, RobinLinus, Sampei new arthuredelstein task High
#14429 Automated rounding of content window dimensions gacar, brade, mcs, ln5, fdsfgs@…, tseretni-rmd, dante01123 needs_revision arthuredelstein defect Medium
#16312 Limit font queries per URL bar domain dcf, brade, mcs needs_information arthuredelstein defect Medium
#16672 Text rendering allows font fingerprinting gk, mcs, dcf, mikeperry, mrphs, nicoo, gacar@… assigned arthuredelstein defect Medium
#18101 IP leak from Windows/macOS UI dialog with URI gk, mcs, brade, pospeselr needs_revision arthuredelstein defect Medium
#20941 Tor browser will resize it self after the dock is enabled and the browser is dragged to a new location arthuredelstein, brade, mcs assigned arthuredelstein defect High
#30381 Provide control port commands to ADD/REMOVE/VIEW v3 client-auth antonela, arthuredelstein, brade, mcs, gk, michael, special, erinn, patrick@…, lunar, linda, dmr assigned asn defect Medium
#11083 TBB Test suite: check that tor-launcher is working mcs, brade new boklm task Medium
#15994 Running Tor Browser unit tests as part of our gitian-based build process mcs, gk, brade new boklm task Medium
#16757 Verify that new DOM properties are really disabled gk, brade, mcs assigned boklm defect Medium
#17379 Using the same build process in Tor Browser and Tor Messenger brade, mcs, gk, ln5 new boklm task Medium
#17381 Adapting the gitian/*.sh release scripts brade, mcs new boklm task Medium
#17382 Using tor to download all build dependencies brade, mcs new boklm task Medium
#17662 Have a test to check that Tor Browser updater is working tbb-team, mcs new boklm task Medium
#20149 Test that static public key pins are working brade, mcs assigned boklm enhancement High
#9516 Show Tor log in TorBrowser brade, mcs new brade enhancement Medium
#9675 Provide feedback mechanism for clock-skew and other bad problems mcs, Sherief, whonix-devel@…, arthuredelstein, gk, catalyst, dmr assigned brade defect High
#10160 Add settings to connect to a running tor instance (avoid Tor over Tor) mcs, mikeperry, poncho@…, adrelanos@… new brade enhancement Low
#10439 Allow TBB 3.x to run multiple times in parallel mcs new brade enhancement Medium
#10603 Make tor log available if tor exited unexpectedly mttp, lunar@…, mcs new brade enhancement Medium
#10806 Tor Launcher should be able to detect proxies automatically mcs, mikeperry new brade enhancement Medium
#11132 Tor Launcher should suggest the use of bridges if Tor is dangerous in user's area intrigeri, mcs new brade enhancement Medium
#11180 Improve "Use Bridges" UI based on feedback and testing mcs, mrphs new brade defect Medium
#11222 Inform user if reachable bridges drop below a configurable fraction/number mcs, gk, isabela, phoul, pari needs_information brade defect High
#11406 UI for ExitNode country selection in tor-launcher mcs, adrelanos@… new brade enhancement Low
#12040 Please make a test connection to tor SOCKS port as part as Tor Launcher mcs, mikeperry new brade enhancement Medium
#12053 captive portal: Infinite loop when 'identity mismatch' error is raised. mcs new brade defect Low
#12501 "Tor unexpectedly exited" if there is a wrong line in torrc mcs new brade defect Medium
#12672 Tor log should be accessible while Tor Browser is starting up mcs, catalyst new brade enhancement Medium
#13456 Tor Launcher should start centered on all OSes mcs, brade, Sebastian new brade defect Very Low
#14837 Support QRCode bridge entry and sharing in Tor Launcher mcs new brade enhancement Medium
#14923 Tor Launcher should have accessibility support. mcs, sigsegv needs_information brade defect Medium
#14981 Support multiple profiles with a profile template tbb-team, mcs assigned brade enhancement Medium
#18113 Dynamically allocate clients to default Tor Browser bridges of a certain type isis, gk, yawning, dcf, mcs, brade, nickm needs_information brade enhancement Medium
#18327 Aborting the Tor Launcher setup wizard and restarting should show the language selection dialog again mcs new brade defect Medium
#18330 Tor Launcher only accepts HEXDIGIT passwords for controller mcs new brade defect Medium
#18543 Change dialog message when there is no protocol to copy brade, mcs, tbb-team new brade defect Medium
#19957 Don't wait for Tor to start mcs new brade defect Medium
#20315 Tor launcher doesn't respect ReachableAddresses mcs new brade defect Medium
#20321 Quit Tor Browser Menu Option Does Not Work from Launcher on Mac OS mcs new brade defect Medium
#21273 Proxy settings unecessarily limit guard selection process arma, brade, mcs, gk new brade defect Medium
#23486 nice icons for the progress bar isabela, antonela, mcs new brade defect Medium
#24452 Firewall option is visible behind Tor Network Settings... but not during start-up mcs, phoul, isabela, Dbryrtfbcbhgf, oneandonly new brade defect Medium
#24527 Inform users in Tor Launcher of which settings are best for them based on their country mcs, antonela new brade enhancement Medium
#24638 Welcome dialog missing protocol from link mcs needs_information brade defect Low
#25407 Unable to retrieve tor settings - Please ensure Tor is running mcs new brade defect Medium
#25431 "Tor is censored in my country" does not cover some scenarios isabela, antonela, mcs new brade defect Medium
#25823 Tor Launcher inconsistently sets TZ=UTC for tor process catalyst, mcs new brade defect Medium
#26172 torrc-defaults is not optional mcs new brade defect Medium
#29020 Warn when bug 10416 is detected mcs new brade enhancement Medium
#22265 write high-level overview of bootstrap process brade, mcs, isabela needs_review catalyst defect Medium
#22619 SessionGroup = Reading config failed mcs, brade accepted catalyst defect Medium
#23565 document signs of client clock skew to ease troubleshooting brade, mcs, intrigeri assigned catalyst task Medium
#27104 report intermediate status when building application circuits brade, mcs, linda, isabela, iry, intrigeri assigned catalyst enhancement Medium
#27308 report bootstrap phase when we actually start, not just unblock something brade, mcs, linda, isabela, iry, intrigeri assigned catalyst enhancement Medium
#28018 Improve accuracy and usefulness of information reported to controllers about bootstrap status brade, mcs, arma assigned catalyst enhancement High
#25483 Windows reproducible build of snowflake dcf, cmm323, gk, boklm, t0mmy, brade, mcs, tom accepted cohosh project High
#30350 Hello, in China, currently, Tor Browser 8.5a11 version can't connect to Tor network through Snowflake bridge. dcf, arlolra, cohosh, phw, mcs, gk needs_information cohosh defect Medium
#15770 Write tests for security.nocertdb fixes mcs, brade, boklm new cypherpunks defect Medium
#22058 Provide better testing for Tor Browser not breaking important websites (Twitter/Github etc.) boklm, brade, mcs new cypherpunks enhancement Medium
#21816 Add support for Pluggable Transports 2.0 iang, darkk, blanu, dcf, dasyatid1, mcs, ahf, Samdney needs_revision dasyatid1 enhancement Medium
#12208 Make it possible to use an IP address as a front (no DNS request and no SNI) brade, mcs, arlolra assigned dcf enhancement Medium
#12774 "Firefox is already running" when you select meek after bootstrapping arthuredelstein, brade, mcs new dcf defect Medium
#24640 improve meek behavior when target server is down mcs assigned dcf defect Medium
#25065 goptlib doesn't allow optimistic SOCKS data brade, mcs assigned dcf enhancement Medium
#29347 Rewrite meek-http-helper as a WebExtension cohosh, brade, mcs, sukhbir, gk needs_review dcf enhancement Medium
#29364 Tone down [WARN] log messages resulting from meek-client output ahf, dgoulet, cohosh, brade, mcs new dcf enhancement Medium
#30382 Provide control port event for when we are missing v3 client auth for an onion antonela, arthuredelstein, brade, mcs, gk, michael, special, erinn, patrick@…, lunar, linda, dmr accepted dgoulet defect Medium
#12095 Remove dead Transifex teams from translation.git branches brade, mcs assigned emmapeel defect Medium
#5184 Spanish TBB contains all Torbutton and Tor Launcher locale files mcs, brade, intrigeri reopened erinn defect Low
#18288 Sign Tor Browser binaries on Windows (not just the setup executable) brade, mcs new erinn enhancement Medium
#12820 Test+Recommend Tor Browser with MS EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit) gk, mcs, arthuredelstein assigned gk project Medium
#13893 Torbrowser crashes on start when using MS EMET 5.x mcs, bugzilla, arthuredelstein reopened gk defect High
#16149 The newChannel() API is deprecated and broken in Tor Browser based on ESR 60 mcs, brade assigned gk defect Medium
#18224 Tor control spec doesn't properly specify reply format gk, brade, mcs assigned gk defect Medium
#18820 Integrate code signing into the release process boklm, brade, mcs assigned gk task Very High
#22282 TBB 7.0aX crash after multiple new identity mcs, brade, arthuredelstein, tbb-team assigned gk defect Medium
#18098 prop224: Implement tor-genkey tool for offline HS key creation brade, mcs needs_revision haxxpop enhancement Medium
#23721 Put a banner when detecting old versions of the Tor Browser on the website advising to update linda, brade, mcs needs_information hiro enhancement Medium
#23992 Allow email subscription to blog mcs new hiro enhancement Medium
#24376 Search backend for websites - Test and deploy Solr isabela, mcs, linda, antonela assigned hiro task Medium
#21222 Main ticket for website redesign project isabela, mcs, linda, antonela, andz@…, dmr assigned isabela project Very High
#24129 work isabela, mcs, linda, antonela, hiro, samdney, boklm, t0mmy, andz@…, tseretni-rmd assigned isabela task Medium
#21951 Helping censored users bootstrap to Tor: Tor launcher improvements and automation isabela, mikeperry, mcs, isis, nickm, gk, brade, catalyst, iry, adrelanos, intrigeri, anonym, phw new linda project Medium
#10974 Turn the “short user manual” into the Tor Browser User Manual mttp, phoul, Sherief, mrphs, kelley, gk, mcs assigned lunar project Medium
#13818 [PATCH] Active tab looks ugly (inherits system color scheme only partially) qbi, mcs, brade, chielkvard, scootergrisen assigned mcs defect Medium
#17891 Window classes change after update restart brade, mcs, gk assigned mcs defect Medium
#18199 Firefox icon for browser after update brade, mcs, rugk, eezacque assigned mcs defect Medium
#16659 Add research idea for Linux TCP Initial Sequence Numbers may aid correlation nickm@…, adrelanos@…, mcs assigned metrics-team task Medium
#22346 Investigate drop in Tor Browser update pings in early 2017, 2018, and 2019 gk, boklm, brade, mcs, arthuredelstein new metrics-team defect Medium
#24045 Measure and map overloaded or over-weighted relays gk, brade, mcs, arthuredelstein reopened metrics-team defect Medium
#8337 Trusteer crashes Tor Browser lecky123, someoneelse, brade, mcs, phoul, torment, js9reyn needs_information mikeperry defect Medium
#9570 Many changes to private browsing code of Firefox happened since 17esr out g.koppen@…, mcs, brade needs_revision mikeperry defect Medium
#10070 Clear recent history mcs, brade assigned mikeperry enhancement Medium
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