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#13912 Key Security: Zeroing Buffers Is Insufficient (AES-NI leaves keys in SSE registers) nickm, isis new defect Medium
#13928 Tor Authorities reachability testing is predictable and sequential nickm new defect Medium
#13929 Increase Authority reachability testing rate with low TestingAuthDirTimeToLearnReachability nickm new defect Medium
#13976 Simplify adjustment of consensus speed in testing tor networks rl1987, nickm new defect Medium
#14034 Make TestingDirAuthVoteGuard/Exit/HSDir and AssumeReachable less essential in test networks nickm new defect Medium
#14056 IPredator complains that we call time() too much when running over 500Mbps nickm, jens@… new defect Medium
#14987 Settle on a name for descriptors karsten, sebastian, nickm new nickm defect Low
#18047 Performance: Memory leaking in Tor Browser nickm new tbb-team defect Medium
#19162 Make it even harder to become HSDir dgoulet, special, teor, nickm accepted arma defect Medium
#19174 libscrypt check fails when libscrypt requires libm nickm, isis needs_revision defect Medium
#22948 Padding, Keepalive and Drop cells should have random payloads mikeperry, isis, nickm assigned defect Medium
#24367 Changing pluggable transports (during start-up) in Tor Browser is broken teor, brade, mcs, nickm, asn, catalyst assigned defect Medium
#24465 Snowflake broken if no libatomic on host isabela, mikeperry, mcs, isis, nickm, gk, brade, catalyst, iry, adrelanos, arlolra, boklm, dcf needs_revision tbb-team defect Medium
#25754 Make Prop#291 choices arma, isis, asn, nickm new defect Medium
#26350 MacOS Tor Browser cannot bind to port mcs, brade, nickm new tbb-team defect Medium
#26941 Privcount blinding and encryption: review dependencies teor, nickm, chelseakomlo assigned nickm defect Medium
#26944 Privcount blinding and encryption: Add tests teor, nickm, chelseakomlo assigned defect Medium
#26945 Privcount blinding and encryption: always enable i128 teor, nickm, chelseakomlo assigned defect Medium
#26957 Privcount blinding and encryption: Derive copy and debug where possible teor, nickm, chelseakomlo assigned defect Medium
#26958 Privcount blinding and encryption: run clippy on travis rust nightly teor, nickm, chelseakomlo needs_revision defect Medium
#27190 disparate duplicate subproto handling in protover nickm needs_revision defect Medium
#27198 protover doesn't forbid version zero nickm new defect Medium
#27351 DisableNetwork is not unset if bootstrapping fails mcs, brade, nickm, catalyst new tbb-team defect Medium
#27722 rust protover doesn't canonicalize adjacent and overlapping ranges nickm new defect Medium
#28423 improve precision of finegrained periodic event scheduling? dgoulet, nickm assigned nickm defect Medium
#28424 Refactor hs_service_callback() to no longer need to run once per second? dgoulet, nickm, grote, asn new defect Medium
#28631 Release a useful WTF-PAD to the world (master ticket) nickm new defect Medium
#28632 Make the original WTF-PAD branch actually useful for us (submaster ticket) nickm new defect Medium
#28634 Design a first useful padding machine (hiding client-side intro/rend circuits) nickm needs_review defect Very High
#28638 Serialize state machines in the torrc nickm new defect High
#28693 Add an option to disable circuit padding nickm needs_review defect High
#28733 {CONSDIFF} Refusing to apply consensus diff nickm needs_information defect Medium
#28743 Tinytest library leaks out into non-test codebase nickm new defect Medium
#28777 Split circuitpadding.c code into multiple modules nickm new defect Medium
#28780 circpadding: Add machine flag for not closing circuit if machine is active nickm needs_review defect Very High
#28804 Add circuit padding to padding-spec.txt and write a doc for researchers nickm new defect High
#28821 Introduce timer_is_scheduled() method and replace padding_scheduled_at_us nickm new defect Low
#29076 Remove experimental branch from js dropdown in debian install guide nickm, weasel, traumschule needs_information traumschule defect Medium
#29083 WTF-PAD: Specify exit policy for machine conditions nickm new defect Medium
#29084 WTF-PAD: Test and improve circuit RTT measurement nickm new defect Medium
#29085 WTF-PAD: Reduce monotime usage because of performance issues nickm new defect Very High
#29670 Could not create SOCKS args string mcs, tbb-team, nickm new defect Medium
#29697 archive.tpo is soon running out of space helix, karsten, lunar, mikeperry, nickm, gk new defect Medium
#29840 WTF-PAD: Log padding counters into the heartbeat nickm new defect Medium
#29898 How can we automatically add #else and #endif comments? nickm new defect Medium
#30235 Tor hangs when asked to change DisableAllSwap over the control port nickm assigned defect Medium
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