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#29083 WTF-PAD: Specify exit policy for machine conditions nickm new defect Medium
#29084 Ensure circuit padding RTT estimate handes var cells/wide creates nickm new defect Medium
#29115 Make sure state file data types match the struct datatypes nickm new enhancement Medium
#29233 Add a trunnel function that duplicates a trunnel object nickm new nickm enhancement Medium
#29670 Could not create SOCKS args string mcs, tbb-team, nickm new defect Medium
#29697 archive.tpo is soon running out of space helix, karsten, lunar, mikeperry, nickm, gk new defect Medium
#29898 How can we automatically add #else and #endif comments? nickm accepted nickm defect Medium
#30235 Tor hangs when asked to change DisableAllSwap over the control port nickm, catalyst assigned defect Medium
#30539 Add an "autostyle" target to apply all of our automatic restyling things. nickm needs_review nickm defect Medium
#393 hidden services resolve hosts only once weasel, nickm, Sebastian, saint, teor assigned rransom defect Low
#449 dns failures prevent legitimate options being set mwenge, nickm, arma accepted nickm defect Low
#469 please limit connections by client weasel, nickm, pankkake, arma, Sebastian needs_revision defect Low
#490 Additional headers for outgoing messages tcr, nickm new enhancement Low
#498 Proof-of-work for exit remailers tcr, nickm new enhancement Low
#502 Encrypt identity keys tcr, nickm, computerguy12056 new enhancement Low
#584 Clients process descriptor fetches as they arrive? arma, nickm new enhancement Low
#697 Wrong DNS configuration could break navigation amis, nickm, arma, Sebastian new defect Low
#925 Tor fails badly when accept(2) returns EMFILE or ENFILE riastradh, nickm, Sebastian new defect Low
#966 Do positive DNS tests Sebastian, arma, nickm reopened defect Low
#1029 Tor relay should log message when it's working again after marking as down rudis, nickm new enhancement Low
#1075 reachability controller status events too liberal arma, Sebastian, nickm new defect Low
#1099 Spurious bootstrap warnings if no-route-to-host arma, Sebastian, nickm new defect Low
#1102 Queuing v3 signature for next consensus, an hour later? arma, karsten, nickm, Sebastian needs_information nickm defect Low
#1116 'Stable' flag assignment inconsistant nickm, karsten, Sebastian new defect Low
#1127 no shutdown descriptor published when ORPort is closed but client stays up nickm new defect Low
#1181 evdns_server_request_format_response() sets TC flag wrong arma, nickm, Sebastian new defect Low
#1193 Measured BW Authority will not work on private networks with less than 3 scanners fabi, Sebastian, nickm new defect Low
#1238 Exit flag assigned can be assigned to nodes that don't really exit. Sebastian, dun, nickm new defect Low
#1250 strange SOCKS error code when connecting to a hidden service using the wrong port ultramage, nickm, Sebastian new enhancement Low
#1270 Spec conformance issues on get_next_token() reported by outofwords Sebastian, nickm needs_revision nickm defect Low
#3501 Teach Tor to run the Control Port over TLS nickm, chiiph, arma new enhancement Low
#5825 Bridges without geoip file report empty statistics nickm new defect Low
#13738 Make worker handle introduction point crypto nickm, andrea new enhancement Low
#14987 Settle on a name for descriptors karsten, sebastian, nickm new nickm defect Low
#26970 Privcount: plan the modules and components teor, nickm, chelseakomlo assigned task Low
#28638 Serialize state machines in the torrc nickm new defect Low
#28777 Split circuitpadding.c code into multiple modules nickm new defect Low
#28821 Introduce timer_is_scheduled() method and replace padding_scheduled_at_us nickm new defect Low
#29840 WTF-PAD: Log padding counters into the heartbeat nickm new defect Low
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