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#16364 Add an option to resize the browser window to the "safe default" gk, madystar, sajolida, steph new tbb-team defect Medium
#16387 Improve reachability of hidden services on mobile phones n8fr8, stephan new enhancement Medium
#16966 Better solution for an HS client descriptor cache entry to expire stephan needs_information enhancement Medium
#19522 HS intro circuit retry logic fails when network interface is down dgoulet, special, timonh, stephan needs_revision defect Medium
#23096 Request to create solution for permanent link of newsletter letters + archive steph assigned hiro defect Medium
#24206 newsletter subscription sends me to steph assigned hiro defect Medium
#25641 content for antonela, hiro, steph assigned isabela defect Medium
#27860 Use "New Alpha Release:" in the blog post title for alpha releases steph new tbb-team task Medium
#28277 2018 donation banner at sstevenson, steph merge_ready hiro defect Medium
#29945 fiscal documents page has missing docs, typos, and wrong labels traumschule, steph, sstevenson new hiro defect Medium
#30136 Decide whether to use "Tor Browser" or "Tor Browser for Android" for mobile stable steph, sysrqb new tbb-team defect Medium
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