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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#18605 Consider including fallback directory mirrors with multiple IP addresses new enhancement Medium
#20934 Use standard python multiset implementation in fallback script new enhancement Medium
#20939 Add average for each flag and uptime to the fallback summary new enhancement Medium
#21029 Log the git commit hash to the fallback output file new enhancement Medium
#21282 Adjust fallback log levels new enhancement Medium
#23473 Add support for ed25519 fallbacks ids to the fallback script new enhancement Medium
#24680 If the fallback list has 200-300 entries, make the tor binary smaller by reducing the size of the fallback list strings new enhancement Medium
#24719 Make sure fallback whitelist entries are unique new enhancement Medium
#24787 Revise the fallback stability requirements based on current network load new defect Medium
#24851 create a script that generates the authority format from the authorities in the current consensus new enhancement Medium
#26686 Add ed25519 ids to the fallback whitelist new enhancement Medium
#26687 Output ed25519 IDs in the authority and fallback lists new enhancement Medium
#27914 Extract fallback-scripts to its own git repository new task Medium Tor: unspecified
#28793 Rebuild the fallback list in 2019 new task Medium
#28794 Run an opt-in process for relay operators to become fallbacks in 2019 needs_revision phoul task Medium
#28797 Set up CI on the fallback script with a small number of relays new enhancement Medium
#28863 thinks it is python 3 compatible but it is not needs_information defect Medium
#28986 Log at info level in list generation mode new defect Medium
#28987 Add a log level option to the fallback script new defect Medium
#29093 Announce the new fallback list, and tell downstream maintainers that it has changed new defect Medium
#29100 Update src/app/config/ to ../tor/src/app/config/ post-split new enhancement Medium
#29103 Add a licence, readme, and code of conduct to fallback-scripts new enhancement Medium
#19129 Allow Fallback Directories with no DirPort new enhancement Low
#20883 Ignore relays without contact info when emailing potential fallback operators new defect Very Low
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