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#29495 Running site fails with python 2.x hiro Webpages/Website

When running our new website with 'lektor server' python 2.x stacktraces, and fails to load 'about' pages. Hopefully I'll be able to provide a branch to pull from for future patches (#29493), but until then providing attaching a patch file you should be able to apply with 'git am 0001-Stacktrace-when-launching-lektor-server.patch'.

#29504 Add keywords to website hiro Webpages/Website

add global keywords: tor, the tor project, tor project, privacy, anonymity, privacy tool, censorship, censorship circumvention, private browsing, incognito browsing, anonymity network, tor network, onion services, the onion router, human rights, free expression, free expression online, free speech online, digital rights, activism, digital activist, private research, privacy research, technology, privacy technology, anonymity technology, tracking, surveillance, online surveillance, website tracking, stop website tracking, stop surveillance, online security, secure browser, private browser, privacy tool, anonymity tool, hidden services, metadata protection, activist tools, internet privacy, online privacy, safe browsing, nonprofit, tor browser, tor browser download, android browser, tor browser for android, what is tor, private mode, first amendment, open web, private search, private network, decentralized network, decentralization, encryption, cryptography, whistleblowers, snowden, online safety

#29664 Create release notes page at hiro Webpages/Website

On #29440 we discussed the possibility to have release notes per each browser release outside the blog. That is useful for different reasons; one of them is having a centralized place to look for these notes.

I'd suggest including this at

We may want to automate it in many ways, the first iteration could be static as well.

#29836 Replace torflow by sbws in volunteer page hiro Webpages/Website

I realized that is pointing to and torflow is listed there. We decided to don't do any improvements on torflow but on sbws.

#29931 The About US text on seems to be way too large hiro Webpages/Website

Looking over I stumbled over the "About Us" section and the text there is way too large compared to the text on the remaining website. I guess there are some CSS rules not properly applied?

#29932 Images are not loaded with the security slider set to "Safest" hiro Webpages/Website

With Tor Browser's security slider set to "Safest" there are no images loaded on

#29934 CSS media rule mixes all types of screens together hiro Webpages/Website


But about the problematic layout that now exists, in general, the CSS
media rule mixes all types of screens together regardless of
orientation, aspect ratio or size.  So mobile and multi-screen desktops
all fall under the 'all' or 'screen' values.
#29937 Cannot choose language on mobile hiro Webpages/Website

The entire language list is not accessible on mobile.

#29944 In the list of onion services run by the Tor Project, can we add an onion address that opens a Tor: Mirrors onion page? hiro Webpages/Website

Indeed, directly opens the Tor: Mirrors https page, but, alas, no Tor: Mirrors onion address appears in the list of onion services run by the Tor Project. At some point in the recent past, did not the onion address http://4bflp2c4tnynnbes.onion/#website-mirror directly open a Tor: Mirrors onion page? If not, can we add a Tor: Mirrors onion address to the list of onion services run by the Tor Project? Today, http://4bflp2c4tnynnbes.onion/#website-mirror directly opens the How can we help? Most Frequently Asked Question | When I use Tor Browser, will anyone be able to tell which websites I visit? page, where you can select Topics Misc to go to the first page of the Tor Glossary, from where you have to scroll down 19 pages to see the website mirror section, which contains the Tor: Mirrors address, not a Tor: Mirrors onion address.

#29945 fiscal documents page has missing docs, typos, and wrong labels hiro Webpages/Website


The first problem is that all of the financial documents are 404.

The second problem is that it says "Steate" three times when it should say "State"

The third is that it labels "2016-12-05 Tor Project Bylaws" as an audit when it's actually more like a corporate document. It also calls some of the Form PCs audits, when instead they are the State version of a (federal) form 990. But the 2011 Form 990 doesn't have the "Form 990" label, and is instead an audit? Somebody needs to sort these out.


#30019 Write content for the onion services section in the community portal hiro Webpages/Website

Here is a ticket to trac this item.

#30052 fix broken URLs in tor-exit-notice.html hiro Webpages/Website

the recent website update causes 404 in the tor-exit-notice.html file

the fix is easy: just add 2019. at the beginning of the domain.

You might also want to enable some redirections on the current website since this html file is widely deployed by exit operators.

#30093 Add press clips to website hiro Webpages/Website

#30103 Make email address for bridges consistent hiro Webpages/Website

BridgeDB claims that users should email bridges[at] but our website mentions bridges[at] This confused at least one user over at #18076 and, frankly, me too.

I created a patch in the following GitHub branch:

It makes our documentation consistent by changing the email address to bridges[at]

#30158 the navigation bar items are not getting translated hiro Webpages/Website

I am not sure how or why, and i cannot reproduce the problem in my local setup, but the titles after 'About' in the navigation bar are not translated on tpo.

Documentation, Support, Blog, and Donate stay in English.

(It may be related to the fact that those words are not extracted automatically by lektor from the databags, and I generate them with a local file that is not commited to the repo)

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