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#22888 Permanent download URL for the latest release hiro Webpages/Website website redesign
Description says

Please use to retrieve the latest Firefox release.

For example, if you wish to download the US English installer for Windows (32bit) the url is

This could be pasted into the location bar of a browser, or used with curl or wget, e.g. wget -O FirefoxSetup.exe ""

Can you please offer this for Tor Browser too?

#27669 Replace recommendations to use tor-ramdisk with something better Webpages/Website

arma lately mentioned that it is probably not a good idea anymore to use tor-ramdisk. I am looking into alternatives.

Currently tor-ramdisk is mentioned on the new (coming) community projects list (#16576) and the volunteer page: http://expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion/projects/projects.html.en

Also the wiki links it at several places: AutomationInventory doc/VM doc/EmbeddedTips

Wikipedia has a page about it (#27668).

Adding #13703 as parent to let them know of each other.

Which are good alternatives (in use)?

#29836 Replace torflow by sbws in volunteer page hiro Webpages/Website

I realized that is pointing to and torflow is listed there. We decided to don't do any improvements on torflow but on sbws.

#29495 Running site fails with python 2.x hiro Webpages/Website

When running our new website with 'lektor server' python 2.x stacktraces, and fails to load 'about' pages. Hopefully I'll be able to provide a branch to pull from for future patches (#29493), but until then providing attaching a patch file you should be able to apply with 'git am 0001-Stacktrace-when-launching-lektor-server.patch'.

#24376 Search backend for websites - Test and deploy Solr hiro Webpages/Website website redesign
#16546 Should we move anonbib to the Tor website? cypherpunks Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

Right now, anonbib exists under freehaven auspices, and is not maintained by Tor.

"Not maintained" being the operative word.

Should we move it to a torproject url and try to pretty it up a bit?

#27423 Sign security.txt Webpages/Website website redesign

From comment:6:ticket:25131:

I suggest we use the tor-security list key, or some other key that many people trust.

#25475 TB Credits traumschule Webpages/Website website redesign

We should have a page of contributors, either on the website or Tor browser. Tor Community members, translators etc

#30203 The "Download Tor Source Code" page is mixing source code and win32 binaries antonela Webpages/Website

The new "Download Tor Source Code" page is confusing because it provides links for Windows, MacOS and Linux. But the source code is platform independent, so there should be only one link that is good for any platform.

The OSX and Linux links are pointing to the source code, however the Windows one is not pointing to the source code, but to an old version of the expert bundle.

If in addition to the source code, we want to provide links to the Windows Tor binaries (which we used to call the "Expert Bundle" on the old website), the correct download links should be (for 32 and 64 bits versions):

Using variables from databags/versions.ini to create the URL, I think 8.0.8 is torbrowser-stable->version, and is tor-win32-stable->version.

#17805 The website should support "stable" and "oldstable" tor releases cypherpunks Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

Right now we have "alpha" and "stable". But sometimes we want to have an extra stable listed as well.

No hurry on this one.

#30444 Tor Browser Downloads page has no links to download latest version: Tor Browser 8.0.9 hiro Webpages/Website

Tor Browser Downloads page has links to download Tor Browser previous version: 8.0.8, but should have links to download latest version: 8.0.9.

#27421 Tor security policy Webpages/Website website redesign

Tor Project currently has not general security policy. We need to work out a security policy that covers all of Tor: See

#30566 Update Sponsors page with "Craig Newmark Philanthropies" entry hiro Webpages/Website

Please add "Craig Newmark Philanthropies" to the sponsors list here

Logo should come from this page:

Link should point to

For the description, please use this text:

Craig Newmark Philanthropies was created by craigslist founder Craig Newmark to support and connect people and drive broad civic engagement. The organization works to advance people and grassroots organizations that are getting stuff done in areas that include trustworthy journalism, voter protection, gender diversity in technology, and veterans and military families. The organization has provided Tor Project with an unrestricted gift.

#26836 Update and refresh the research portal Webpages/Website

The research portal isn't the prettiest website, nor does it contain the most up to date information. This ticket will act as a central ticket for tasks around updating and refreshing the research portal.

#25218 Update screenshots to use obfs4 bridges (instead of obfs3) traumschule Webpages/Website website redesign

...then choose the transport type you want to use. obfs3 is currently the recommend type...

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