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#27540 download: anchors do not work with enabled javascript traumschule Webpages/Website

Go to and land in the middle of the warnings.

#27584 Update documentation section traumschule Webpages/Website

Following mikeperry:

We will still need some place to put installation instructions, and the alpha downloads, but those should be broken off into different pages that replace the outdated mess in

#27595 Link HowToReportBugFeedback on contact and volunteer pages traumschule Webpages/Website

doc/community/HowToReportBugFeedback http://expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion/getinvolved/volunteer.html.en http://expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion/about/contact.html.en

#27878 docs/en/ should not use default ~/.gnupg traumschule Webpages/Website

The script docs/en/ is updating keys in the default gpg keyring.

Instead I think it should create a temporary one, creating a temporary directory and using the --homedir option.

#28030 Remove mentions of TBB 3.0 traumschule Webpages/Website

The transition phase to TBB 3.0 is over so i guess it is safe to remove them.

#29076 Remove experimental branch from js dropdown in debian install guide traumschule Webpages/Website

The current javascript dropdown menu is a constant maintenance effort that will eventually go away through the migration to a new website.

#27809 has a patch, that with the latest release needs to be updated to

Therefor proposing to remove the experimental branch from the pull down menu, because it requires manually updating the javascript for every version. A better approach is to improve docs/en/debian.wml to be updated from include/versions.wmi.

Renaming the branch to tor-alpha could ease our life in the future.

Commit e3d3adb820e6d8715429cfbe5a71f6e67e7ebbda makes the development version configurable for the non-js version of the page by adding a new variable development-branch to versions.wmi:

<define-tag version-stable whitespace=delete></define-tag>
<define-tag version-alpha whitespace=delete></define-tag>
<define-tag development-branch whitespace=delete>0.3.5.x</define-tag>

However this is not optimal because it adds another step when updating, using a simple regex via Pass 3 or similar would be preferred.

Another question is if the guide should reflect if there's no separate alpha:

commit 523e14fc1c4eaeadcf6f36decf8dc8dcffca1127
Author: Nick Mathewson <>
Date:   Mon Jan 7 16:40:53 2019 -0500

    Stable is; there is no alpha for the moment.

CC'ing maintainers to check if this is a wise move.

#11569 Consider making donations part of the download process Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

The re-designed download-easy page ( has resulted in a 2x increase in monthly donations since deployment. Some thoughts to consider:

  1. move the donations button closer to the download button.
  2. Rework the page so the donations button is first, with a nice reason why donations are needed, but clearly state downloads are still free, and click the download button to skip a donation process
  3. Change the page flow so that downloads go to a donation request page first, and then after 10 seconds of no action, redirect to the download-easy page.
#22637 Find a more maintainable approach for the signing-keys page Webpages/Website website redesign

Right now we have this page: which is supposed to provide an official set of keys that have signed various Tor packages in the past.

We pointed to it from among other places.

But people keep generating new subkeys, so the text on that page goes out of date after a month or so.

We should come up with a better way to distribute these keys, in a way that provides good enough authenticity while being easy to automate.

Maybe that's a script that gets run every so often to generate the page automatically? Maybe that's creating a gpg keyring with the right keys on it, and getting rid of the webpage?

We can think of this as part of the grand website redo, but also we can think of it as a bitesized improvement that needs to be made and can be independent of the grand website redo.

#23266 Carryover Tasks Webpages/Website website redesign

This page keeps track of things we need to fix in the old that we'll still need to fix when we make a new version of

#23432 Move CSP style attributes into external stylesheets Webpages/Website website redesign

Suggested by the Mozilla Observatory

Your current CSP policy allows the use of 'unsafe-inline' inside of style-src. Moving style attributes into external stylesheets not only makes you safer, but also makes your code easier to maintain.

#24255 Download page offers "source" for Tor, but everything else on that page is Tor Browser Webpages/Website website redesign

Our download page offers Tor Browser for various platforms, and also a "source" option. But the source option only gives you a Tor tarball, and that's not the source for the binaries on that page.

Maybe we should have a web page for the little-t-tor component, with pointers to things including source tarballs.

And then change the download page to give you pointers on how to reconstruct the tor browsers that it offers (which is actually quite hard, but that's another matter).

#24727 Add onion service for and use it Webpages/Website

Currently don't have onion. Use .onion to determine whether user is via Tor or not.

#25131 Add a security.txt file to Webpages/Website website redesign

security.txt files give people the information they need to contact Tor when they find a security issue.

It's an IETF draft, and Google has done it, so maybe we should too:

We can use the existing information at:

And we might want to:

  • add a PGP key file
  • add a signature
  • maybe add a policy or acknowledgements when we decide how they work
#26298 link more than one stable and one unstable from download page Webpages/Website Tor: unspecified

Right now the download page at seems to only have the ability to provide source code download links for a stable and an unstable tarball. We might want to provide multiple unstable tarballs at once from time to time.

#26307 Add link to Tor SlackBuild on download-unix.html.en Webpages/Website website redesign

I thought it would be nice to add link to the Tor SlackBuild on download-unix.html.en. The SlackBuild works fine and is updated regularly.

The code would be something like this:

<tr class="beige">
<td align="center"><img src="$(IMGROOT)/distros/slackware.png" alt="Slackware"></td>
<td colspan="2"><a href=""></a></td>
<a href="<page docs/tor-doc-unix>">Linux/BSD/Unix</a><br>

If nobody wants to design a new logo, there's generic.png in /images/distros/ folder

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