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#26781 onion version should link onion addresses Webpages/Website

As per the mapping is http://expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion/. If http://expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion/ is opened as http://www.expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion/ it opens a different page. (Screenshots attached).

Also, the links on http://www.expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion/ are to cleatnet May be onion version should have onion addresses as links.

#26836 Update and refresh the research portal Webpages/Website

The research portal isn't the prettiest website, nor does it contain the most up to date information. This ticket will act as a central ticket for tasks around updating and refreshing the research portal.

#26837 Move the "research-ideas" tickets to research ideas page Webpages/Website

The Metrics/Analysis trac component has been gathering tickets that are not really suited to being trac tickets. The Metrics team certainly isn't going to look at them any time soon. I had tagged these with the keyword research-ideas.

The ideas page is at on the portal.

#27293 Expired core people's gpg keys Webpages/Website

Some key files on tpo / linked keys on the core people page are expired and should be re-uploaded. Following output was created with a script.

#27421 Tor security policy Webpages/Website website redesign

Tor Project currently has not general security policy. We need to work out a security policy that covers all of Tor: See

#27423 Sign security.txt Webpages/Website website redesign

From comment:6:ticket:25131:

I suggest we use the tor-security list key, or some other key that many people trust.

#27458 security.txt: Add acknowledgments page to honour our security researches Webpages/Website website redesign

The page will be linked in

Details: ​ Basically a place to honour the work of former / current security researchers.

This could also go into #25475.

#27582 add page for Tor controllers Webpages/Website

Maybe under [expert guides], in the FAQ's Advanced Tor usage section, or on the new website

#27669 Replace recommendations to use tor-ramdisk with something better Webpages/Website

arma lately mentioned that it is probably not a good idea anymore to use tor-ramdisk. I am looking into alternatives.

Currently tor-ramdisk is mentioned on the new (coming) community projects list (#16576) and the volunteer page: http://expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion/projects/projects.html.en

Also the wiki links it at several places: AutomationInventory doc/VM doc/EmbeddedTips

Wikipedia has a page about it (#27668).

Adding #13703 as parent to let them know of each other.

Which are good alternatives (in use)?

#27673 We should have more about ARM on our download page Webpages/Website

In #12631 users / developers reported how they built TB on their RaPI, so it is definitively doable and we should encourage it more, or even offer binaries!

#27700 Please sign keys.txt Webpages/Website

To increase the credibility of we can sign webwml repository and link keys.txt and its signature on that page after #27699 with a note that the page is automatically generated from that file.

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