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#26368 Consider circuit isolation when closing redundant intro points tor-hs, tor-client, tbb-needs, 040-can needs_revision defect Low
#26376 add cross compiling docs postfreeze-ok, 040-can needs_information Hello71 enhancement Low
#27161 Add make check-rustfmt to make check rust, rustfmt, 040-can, teor-unreached-2019-03-08 assigned enhancement Low
#27530 Configure: Use AC_TRY_RUN() to check that --enable-gcc-hardening works fast-fix, postfreeze-ok, 040-can accepted nickm defect Low
#28453 Create a document tor-doc, release-management, postfreeze-ok, 040-can needs_revision teor task Low
#28522 [armhf] (Sandbox) Caught a bad syscall attempt sandbox, armhf, syscall, debian, stretch, 035-backport, 034-backport, 029-backport, postfreeze-ok, 040-can, 033-backport-unreached new defect Low
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