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#18044 Prompt if Tor Browser is zoomed tbb-fingerprinting-resolution, tbb-usability, tbb-bounty, tbb-torbutton new tbb-team defect High
#5830 Write tool to automate web queries to Tor; and use Stem to track stream/circ allocation and results bounty, nickm-cares, research-ideas, metrics-roadmap-2019-q2 assigned metrics-team task Medium
#7256 Explore zoom-based alternatives to fixed window sizes tbb-fingerprinting-resolution, tbb-bounty, tbb-firefox-patch needs_information tbb-team project Medium
#10820 Create preferences for Firefox patches that need them tbb-mozilla-merge, interview, tbb-bounty, tbb-firefox-patch new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#31001 Undefined behavior in tor_vasprintf() consider-backport-after-0416 hackerone bug-bounty security-low unlikely-crash 029-backport 035-backport 040-backport 041-backport dgoulet-merge merge_ready nickm defect Medium
#31022 Tor's windows "--service install" should warn if it installs on a global writeable path hackerone bug-bounty security new defect Medium
#31183 Situational symlink attacks on ControlPortWriteToFile etc. hackerone bug-bounty security 041-backport? new defect Medium
#31466 Consider demoting ".exit is disabled" log message to info bug-bounty hackerone tor-security? new defect Medium
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