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#24649 Simplify bridge code: do we still need mark-unmark-and-sweep logic? refactoring code-removal bridges new defect Medium
#24650 Simplify bridge code: do we need separate addr and addport_configured? refactor bridges new defect Medium
#24817 Recommend that tools ignore HSDir and Guard flags on bridges tor-auth-bridge, tor-bridge, tor-spec, 034-triage-20180328, 034-removed-20180328 new defect Medium
#25528 When ClientTransportPlugin is missing, tor connects directly to bridge addresses, even if they have a transport name pt, bootstrap, bridge-client, bridge-bypass, 034-roadmap-proposed, 041-proposed new defect Medium
#26778 Enable supporting multiple bridge authorities tor-bridges needs-testing? needs-proposal? new defect Medium
#28035 Goal 2019 Add 2 New Bridge types to replace OBFS4 Bridges Bridge Obfuscation new enhancement Very High
#28655 If a bridge supports obfs4, don't give out its other flavors bridgedb needs_review phw defect High
#28679 Bridge connections on startup tor-bridge, censorship, needs-proposal 041-proposed new enhancement High
#29269 Evaluation of bridge statistics bridges, statistics assigned phw task Medium
#29275 Get default bridges checked for reachability by OONI tbb-bridges new task Medium
#29293 New Design for client -- broker protocol for Snowflake snowflake, bridges, broker new task High
#29450 Option to view BridgeDB in English bridgedb new sysrqb enhancement Low
#29484 Update the requirements.txt and freeze them on release bridgedb assigned dgoulet task Medium
#30121 Create authoritative, parseable list of Tor Browser's default bridges tbb-bridges assigned phw task Medium
#30264 Revise list of default Tor Browser bridges tbb-bridges assigned phw enhancement Medium
#30499 In Tor Metrics / Relay Search, users are able to enter the digital fingerprint of a bridge to run a successful search and display the data about that bridge, but the Relay Search page states, "If you are searching for a bridge, you will need to search by the hashed fingerprint. This prevents leaking the fingerprint of the bridge when searching." Relay-Search-accepts-bridge-digital-signature issue new metrics-team defect High
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