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#29261 Create consensus parameters to turn off all stats and individual stats privcount, tor-stats, 040-backport-maybe, 035-backport-maybe new enhancement Medium
#29429 Tor may be generating v2 RSA keys that are unparsable by STEM/PyCrypto? rsa key format not supported new defect Medium
#29485 guidelines for POSIX sh vs bash tor-tests, portability new defect Medium
#29528 UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer errors should fail the unit tests tor-ci, tor-test, 041-proposed, 029-backport, 034-backport, 035-backport, 040-backport needs_revision defect Medium
#29612 Update the documentation for ExitRelay fast-fix, doc, 035-backport, 040-backport, consider-backport-after-0404 merge_ready teor defect Medium
#29617 OOM manger wipes entire DNS cache 035-backport 040-backport fast-fix easy new defect Medium
#29670 Could not create SOCKS args string 035-backport 040-backport ux new defect Medium
#29702 Stop using configs from the local tor install when we launch tor for tests asn-merge, teor-merge, technical-debt, tor-ci, tor-test, 035-backport, 040-backport needs_revision rl1987 defect Medium
#29780 Run travis with python2 and python3 fast-fix, 029-backport-maybe, 034-backport-maybe, 035-backport-maybe, 040-backport new enhancement Medium
#29824 CID 1444119 resource leak in BUG case in consdiff.c coverity, 034-backport, 035-backport, 040-backport, consider-backport-after-0405 merge_ready defect Medium
#29875 Going from obfs4 to snowflake using the Tor Network Settings from the Torbutton doesn't work tbb-needs, 034-backport, 034-backport, 035-backport, 040-backport assigned defect Medium
#29895 avoid storing ints in void* in mainloop event data portability, technical-debt new defect Medium
#29918 add Trademark FAQ to the support portal faq, documentation, support portal, docs, trademark new phoul defect Medium
#30001 test failure: dir_handle_get/status_vote_next_bandwidth tor-ci-fail-sometimes, fast-fix, 040-backport, reviewer-was-teor-20190422, asn-merge merge_ready nickm defect Medium
#30007 refactor control.c output to be more abstract technical-debt control-port assigned catalyst task Medium
#30010 In the list of onion services run by the Tor Project, can we add an onion address that has the same content as Tor: Pluggable-Transports-onion-address issue new enhancement Medium
#30040 Double-free bug on huge bandwidth file in some platforms teor-merge, security-low?, bw-auth, double-free, hackerone, bug-bounty, 040-backport, 035-backport, consider-backport-after-0405 merge_ready defect Medium
#30041 OOB access with huge buffers (src/lib/buf/buffers.c) security-low, hackerone, bug-bounty, 029-backport, 034-backport, 035-backport, 040-backport, 040-must, consider-backport-after-0405 merge_ready defect Medium
#30109 Document that MapAddress is automatically strict, but does not handle redirects easy, doc, security-low, tor-client, tor-exit, 040-backport needs_review defect Medium
#30148 Fix infrequent, unlikely memory leak on failure to create keys directory 034-backport 035-backport 040-backport needs_review nickm defect Medium
#30184 release-0.2.9 doesn't compile on old rhel no-mainline-merge, regression, fast-fix, consider-backport-after-0404 needs_review defect Medium
#30189 ALL_BUGS_ARE_FATAL build failures in 0.3.4 and later. 035-backport asn-merge merge_ready nickm defect Medium
#30234 Get a stacktrace from tor processes launched by stem tor-ci-fail-sometimes, 035-backport, 040-backport merge_ready teor enhancement Medium
#30263 make shellcheck expects scripts in the build directory shellcheck, 040-backport, 040-must, tor-ci-might-fail-on-upgrade, regression needs_review defect Medium
#1116 'Stable' flag assignment inconsistant tor-dirauth mtbf data-export new defect Low
#8344 Orbot BUILD instructions incomplete build, bugreport assigned malaparte_ defect Low
#10957 Be more aggressive about enabling Extended ORPort tor-pt, tor-bridge, needs-design, SponsorS-deferred extorport new task Low
#12190 Pyptlib does not join args or optargs correctly in ClientTransportPlugin.reportMethodSuccess pyptlib, ClientTransportPlugin, ReportMethodSuccess new defect Low
#16017 Tor Browser should use PROTOCOLINFO. control port, auth new tbb-team enhancement Low
#17120 Fire a circuit status control port event when circuit isolation changes. port, easy, lorax, tor-control, needs-design, isolation new enhancement Low
#19839 BridgeDB website: In firefox page shows titles in English and text in the language preferred by the user bridgedb-reportbug needs_information traumschule defect Low
#21735 Add support for unsigned time_t, to support QNX tor-build portability signed-time unlikely new enhancement Low
#28229 Possible race condition opening SOCKS Port in tor-ci, rare?, 035-backport, 040-backport new rl1987 defect Low
#28522 [armhf] (Sandbox) Caught a bad syscall attempt sandbox, armhf, syscall, debian, stretch, 035-backport, 034-backport, 029-backport, postfreeze-ok, 040-can, 033-backport-unreached new defect Low
#29573 Tests fail without network interface configured 041-proposed 040-backport 035-backport needs_information rl1987 defect Low
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