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#23371 adding a short paragraph on how to protect themself anonymous on internet and outside of it to " Tips On Staying Anonymous » " ggus Low

I would add a preamble of "Tips On Staying Anonymous" would be something like:

  • First of all tor is not the only thing to be safe on internet. It would be dangerous to use the following advice while being unsafe in your internet behavior, outside and inside tor, and in this case your effort would be quite vain.
  • Second it is likely that being safe on internet is not enough if you are not safe away of the keyboard. So take care of yourself.

Now the instruction to stay safe on tor. At the end of this instruction we will give you some pointer to do these both important thing.

... Instructions ...


  • Two very short paragraph on how to stay safe online and offline. (That would be the best, but the instruction are already quite long.)
  • Two links toward longish explanations.

as my nick imply it is a throwaway account, so little is expected that I will do the follow up of this bug. Hope that would help.

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