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#14686 Consolidate or de-emphasize our many download pages needs_review defect High WebsiteV3 Webpages/Website
#25218 Update screenshots to use obfs4 bridges (instead of obfs3) needs_review defect High website redesign Webpages/Website
#3799 Investigate methods for translating strings in Unixoid shell scripts needs_review task Medium Community/Translations
#9843 Document how to verify Tor Browser archives after download needs_revision task Medium Community/Tor Browser Manual
#13005 Please document Tor Browser environment variables needs_review enhancement Medium Community/Tor Browser Manual
#17413 Usability of MacOS installation process needs_review enhancement Medium WebsiteV3 Webpages/Website
#22076 adjust text shown on screen based on size of text needs_review enhancement Medium WebsiteV3 Webpages/Website
#23922 The Uninstalling page does not mention the TorBrowser-Data directory on OSX needs_review defect Medium Community/Tor Browser Manual
#24231 users looking for Tor Browser uninstall instructions should find the correct ones needs_review defect Medium website redesign Webpages/Website
#25475 TB Credits needs_review enhancement Medium website redesign Webpages/Website
#26133 Add OnionBrowser to redesigned page needs_review defect Medium website redesign Webpages/Website
#26539 add checksums to download page; make checksum vs. sig file purpose much clearer needs_review defect Medium Webpages/Website
#27131 Tor download link links to TBB download page needs_review defect Medium Webpages/Website
#27209 replace absolute links (in the wiki) assigned defect Medium Community/Relays
#27514 Add instructions how to verify signatures on Android assigned task Medium Community/Tor Support
#27540 download: anchors do not work with enabled javascript needs_review defect Medium Webpages/Website
#27584 Update documentation section needs_information task Medium Webpages/Website
#27585 Revision of tor-mirrors.csv needs_review defect Medium Community/Mirrors
#27595 Link HowToReportBugFeedback on contact and volunteer pages new enhancement Medium Webpages/Website
#27878 docs/en/ should not use default ~/.gnupg needs_review enhancement Medium Webpages/Website
#27942 tor-mirrors.csv: update (sub)regions needs_review enhancement Medium Community/Mirrors
#27997 Remove failing mirrors needs_review defect Medium Community/Mirrors
#28047 Add needs_review enhancement Medium Community/Mirrors
#28083 Sort website mirror list by region needs_review enhancement Medium Community/Mirrors
#28091 Port GetTor to python3 needs_revision task Medium Applications/GetTor
#28165 Add needs_review enhancement Medium Community/Mirrors
#28166 Add info on how to prevent logging of IP addresses needs_review enhancement Medium Community/Mirrors
#28234 Update GetTor documentation merge_ready enhancement Medium Applications/GetTor
#28417 Translate glossary / browser manual translates 'Circuit' inconsistently needs_review defect Medium Community/Translations
#29076 Remove experimental branch from js dropdown in debian install guide needs_information defect Medium Webpages/Website
#17393 Make the various javascript on Tor sites be LibreJS-compatible? needs_review enhancement Low WebsiteV3 Webpages/Website
#19839 BridgeDB website: In firefox page shows titles in English and text in the language preferred by the user needs_information defect Low Obfuscation/BridgeDB
#25941 formatting on "Download Tor" www page needs_review defect Low Webpages/Website
#28030 Remove mentions of TBB 3.0 needs_review enhancement Low Webpages/Website
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