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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#29207 New design for broker -- proxy protocol for snowflakes new task Very High
#29279 Reach out to NGOs to test obfs4 reachability assigned cohosh task Very High
#29208 Better timeout and retry for Snowflake new task High
#29280 Use Chutney in Tor's CI needs_revision task High Tor: 0.4.1.x-final
#29293 New Design for client -- broker protocol for Snowflake new task High
#29205 Look into using Firefox for the WebRTC implementation new task Medium
#29206 New design for client -- proxy protocol for Snowflake assigned cohosh task Medium
#29267 CI for pluggable transports new project Medium
#29269 Evaluation of bridge statistics accepted nickm task Medium
#29274 Get developers using new PT alphas new project Medium
#29275 Get default bridges checked for reachability by OONI new task Medium
#29277 Look into getting default Tor bridges scanned by external reachability tests assigned phw task Medium
#29283 Make PTs go dormant new task Medium
#29285 Improve the PT spec and how PTs interface with Tor new project Medium
#29286 Maintain obfs4 proxy new task Medium
#29296 Look into alternatives for distributing bridge info to clients new project Medium
#29734 Broker should receive country stats information from Proxy and Client needs_revision cohosh enhancement Medium
#29736 Use WebSocket protocol to communicate between snowflake proxies and broker assigned ahf enhancement Medium
#29863 Add disk space monitoring for snowflake infrastructure needs_review task Medium
#29272 Assess Marionette for interation with Tor new project Low
#29278 Assess HTTP proxy new task Low
#29287 Have backup PT in pipeline new project Low
#30008 Remove unused FIFO copy paste code from snowflake client new defect Very Low
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