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#13410 Disable self-signed certificate warnings when visiting .onion sites platypus, guido@…, mrphs, yawning, fdsfgs@…, asn reopened tbb-team defect Very High
#7164 microdesc.c:378: Bug: microdesc_free() called, but md was still referenced 1 node(s); held_by_nodes == 1 asn needs_revision nickm defect High
#9001 Slow Guard Discovery of Hidden Services and Clients rpw, nickm, arma, sysrqb, asn, andrea, dave2008713@…, special new defect High
#10059 capture tor log messages before control connection is opened brade, mikeperry, atagar, karsten, asn, catalyst new nickm enhancement High
#11327 Dir auths should choose Fast and Guard flags by consensus weight if they don't measure aagbsn, asn needs_revision TvdW defect High
#12381 Pluggable Transports + proxy is not working on Windows with TBB 3.6.2 asn, yawning, kpdyer needs_revision asn defect High
#19570 Shared random round gets out of sync dgoulet, asn reopened enhancement High
#20263 Replace SAX Parser with something in pure js asn new defect High
#20532 Make sure directory_initiate_request handles pluggable transports correctly asn merge_ready catalyst defect High
#24192 When I visit a V3 onion that supplies a invalid certificate, torbrowser will lookup the onion when the get certifice button is clicked asn new tbb-team defect High
#24487 Reverse path selection (choose outer hops first) asn assigned mikeperry defect High
#6724 Vidalia complains about bridge line starting with "bridge" asn, fstinglmayr@… needs_revision chiiph enhancement Medium
#7153 Don't require pluggable transport proxies to be SOCKS proxies zwol, asn, nickm, andrea, dcf, catalyst new asn project Medium
#7875 debian obfsproxies can't advertise ports under 1024 asn, mo, weasel, torvlnt33r@…, mttp, dgoulet, yawning needs_review asn defect Medium
#10061 Complete specification for generalised PT composition dcf, asn new infinity0 enhancement Medium
#10677 Run unit tests for pluggable transports when building Tor Browser Bundle asn, mikeperry, dcf, infinity0 assigned kpdyer enhancement Medium
#10680 Provide more statistics on current public bridges asn, lunar, karsten, isis, yawning assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#11101 Bridges should report implementation versions of their pluggable transports asn, phw, yawning, isis new isis enhancement Medium
#11159 Document deploying a scramblesuit bridge on the website. asn, phw assigned phw defect Medium
#12387 (Some) Pluggable Transport binaries are not stripped asn, yawning assigned mikeperry defect Medium
#12542 Provide bridge reachability team with a good corpus of bridges for testing asn, vmon, sysrqb, dcf, hellais new asn task Medium
#12544 Bridge reachability testing for rapid response. asn, vmon, sysrqb, dcf, hellais new hellais project Medium
#12547 Get analysed data from bridge reachability tests to tor-devs asn, vmon, sysrqb, dcf, hellais, isis needs_information sysrqb task Medium
#12549 Setup monitoring of bridge reachability probes asn, vmon, sysrqb, dcf, hellais, dstainton415@… assigned dawuud task Medium
#12550 Make ansible deployment script for probes on planetlab dawuud, asn, vmon, sysrqb, dcf, hellais new dawuud task Medium
#12551 Add support for orchestrating probes in oonib dawuud, asn, vmon, sysrqb, dcf, hellais new hellais enhancement Medium
#13566 Work on script that copies the reports from the collectors to the /raw directory asn, sysrqb, kudrom, aagbsn, infinity0, joelanders, otr, shidash, david415, dawuud new hellais task Medium
#13567 Work on the first iteration of the timeline graph asn, sysrqb, kudrom, aagbsn, infinity0, joelanders, otr, shidash, david415, dawuud assigned Shidash task Medium
#13568 Setup the containers for the various steps of the data pipeline asn, sysrqb, kudrom, aagbsn, infinity0, joelanders, otr, shidash, david415, dawuud, kojgelo@… new hellais task Medium
#13570 Write scripts for generating the bridge_db.json document based on the data that is given to us from the bridge db team asn, sysrqb, kudrom, aagbsn, infinity0, joelanders, otr, shidash, david415, dawuud, isis assigned sysrqb task Medium
#13573 Write script that copies reports into the raw directory from machines that don't have Tor working asn, sysrqb, kudrom, aagbsn, infinity0, joelanders, shidash, otr, david415, dawuud new hellais task Medium
#13583 ooni infrastructure monitoring asn, sysrqb, kudrom, aagbsn, infinity0, joelanders, otr, shidash, dawuud new hellais task Medium
#13584 ooni aggregator disaster recovery procedure asn, sysrqb, kudrom, aagbsn, infinity0, joelanders, otr, shidash, dawuud new hellais task Medium
#13591 Need update to bridge deploy doc yawning, asn assigned cypherpunks enhancement Medium
#13638 Better tokening in the output json data format for bridge reachability visualisation asn, sysrqb, kudrom, aagbsn, infinity0, joelanders, otr, shidash, david415, dawuud new hellais defect Medium
#13639 Align the dates in the visual timeline asn, sysrqb, kudrom, aagbsn, infinity0, joelanders, otr, shidash, david415, dawuud new hellais enhancement Medium
#13731 Brainstorm ideas for possible visualisations asn, sysrqb, kudrom, aagbsn, infinity0, joelanders, otr, shidash, david415, dawuud new hellais project Medium
#13792 HS statistics for private tor network to gather info on services, clients and relays karsten, asn, rob.g.jansen@… new enhancement Medium
#13843 Add a faq entry for "You should change path selection to avoid entering and exiting from the same country." sjmurdoch, asn, NickHopper, g.danezis@…, amj703 assigned cypherpunks enhancement Medium
#13964 Design and implement pub-sub scheme for allowing OONI collectors to publish to data pipeline asn, sysrqb, kudrom, aagbsn, infinity0, joelanders, otr, shidash, david415, dawuud, karsten new hellais enhancement Medium
#13987 Apply laplace noise to other statistics karsten, asn, dgoulet new enhancement Medium
#14006 Hidden service error: "We'd like to launch a circuit to handle a connection, but we already have 32 general-purpose client circuits..." fdsfgs@…, asn needs_information defect Medium
#15593 Bring sanity to the tor side of the PT shutdown process. asn, dcf accepted yawning enhancement Medium
#16120 Detect if the network goes down yawning, n8fr8, asn, catalyst new enhancement Medium
#16576 Add a 'community projects' list (separate page?) to the website asn, ailanthus, linda new mrphs task Medium
#16756 Formalize and document what it takes for a PT to get deployed. asn, dcf, mikeperry, isabela, gk new yawning task Medium
#17216 Make Tor Browser's updater work over Hidden Services isis, asn, special, mikeperry, gk, mcs, brade, whonix-devel@…, boklm new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#17295 Route-selection and guard-selection logic completely replaced asn accepted nickm enhancement Medium
#17357 rend_service_relaunch_rendezvous() ignores rend_service_requires_uptime() dgoulet, asn new defect Medium
#17591 Use channel padding to obscure circuit setup asn, yawning, special, dgoulet, teor new mikeperry enhancement Medium
#17640 Handle CREATE/CREATED cell processing gracefully under load. asn assigned yawning enhancement Medium
#19332 Publish BridgeDB stats asn new isis defect Medium
#19566 SR: Use BUG() instead of tor_assert() when we can asn, neel@… assigned dgoulet enhancement Medium
#19656 Shared random state doesn't expire when clock changes? dgoulet, asn new defect Medium
#20007 Sandbox causing crash when setting HidServAuth when there is a hidden service running segfault, asn needs_information defect Medium
#21006 Reduce NumDirectoryGuards to 1 asn, teor new defect Medium
#21117 can't migrate onion services to single-hop onion services asn assigned dgoulet defect Medium
#21297 Hidden service unavailable. asn new defect Medium
#21446 Number of Introduction Points for a (SingleOnion?) HS seems variable, or degrades with time dgoulet, asn needs_information defect Medium
#21952 .Onion everywhere?: increasing the use of onion services through automatic redirects and aliasing dgoulet, asn, ilf, gk, isabela, arma, fdsfgs@…, hacim, guido@…, alec.muffett@…, mrphs, brade, mcs, catalyst, arthuredelstein, a.krey@…, phw reopened linda project Medium
#22088 pluggable transport specs need to be more consistent about quoting asn, dcf, serene, arlolra, isis new asn defect Medium
#22235 Add new graph showing the average onion service descriptor count per directory mikeperry, asn, dgoulet new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#22728 Long-lived onion service circuits can enable guard discovery asn new defect Medium
#23247 Communicating security expectations for .onion: what to say about different padlock states for .onion services asn, arthuredelstein, tor@…, phw new tbb-team project Medium
#23367 Onion address counts ignore descriptor upload overlap asn new metrics-team defect Medium
#23790 rend_service_prune_list_impl_() doesn't copy over desc_is_dirty when copying intro points asn merge_ready dgoulet defect Medium
#24367 Changing pluggable transports (during start-up) in Tor Browser is broken teor, brade, mcs, nickm, asn, catalyst needs_information defect Medium
#24661 accept a reasonably live consensus for guard selection asn assigned catalyst defect Medium
#24815 Validate shared random state dates before each voting period teor, asn assigned asn defect Medium
#25096 Bump up NumNTorsPerTAP to squeeze out v2 onion service traffic? asn needs_review dgoulet task Medium
#25277 Publish regex for v3 hidden services dgoulet, nickm, asn, arma new enhancement Medium
#8001 obfsproxy makes tor warn when one bridge is down dcf, asn, isis assigned isis defect Low
#11542 Add a new logging domain for transport proxies asn, yawning assigned yawning defect Low
#13484 Do we have edge cases with rend_consider_descriptor_republication()? Can we refactor it to be cleaner? asn, dgoulet new task Low
#15251 Make tor support starting with 10.000 Tor Hidden Service yawning, meejah, asn, arma new task Low
#19565 SR: Use trunnel for the shared random value construction dgoulet, asn new enhancement Low
#5271 add log messages when a hidden service consistently doesn't have any preemptive circuit ready dgoulet, asn new enhancement Very Low
#9957 Tor should consider stderr output of transport proxies asn, yawning, mcs assigned yawning enhancement Very Low
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