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#13410 Disable self-signed certificate warnings when visiting .onion sites platypus, guido@…, mrphs, fdsfgs@…, asn, welkins, tbb-team needs_information pospeselr defect Very High
#7164 microdesc.c:378: Bug: microdesc_free() called, but md was still referenced 1 node(s); held_by_nodes == 1 asn, nickm needs_revision defect High
#9001 Slow Guard Discovery of Hidden Services and Clients rpw, nickm, arma, sysrqb, asn, andrea, dave2008713@…, special new defect High
#10059 capture tor log messages before control connection is opened brade, mikeperry, atagar, karsten, asn, catalyst new enhancement High
#11327 Dir auths should choose Fast and Guard flags by consensus weight if they don't measure aagbsn, asn needs_revision TvdW defect High
#19570 Shared random round gets out of sync dgoulet, asn reopened enhancement High
#22331 Tor needs to stop trying to read directories before it changes users intrigeri, dgoulet, asn new defect High
#24192 When I visit a V3 onion that supplies a invalid certificate, torbrowser will lookup the onion when the get certifice button is clicked asn new tbb-team defect High
#24487 Reverse path selection (choose outer hops first) asn, mikeperry new defect High
#31056 Hidden service sometimes unable to create circuit asn, dgoulet new defect High
#33861 vanguards: circ_max_megabytes applied to all connection mikeperry, asn new task High
#7153 Don't require pluggable transport proxies to be SOCKS proxies zwol, asn, nickm, andrea, dcf, catalyst, dmr new project Medium
#7875 debian obfsproxies can't advertise ports under 1024 asn, mo, weasel, torvlnt33r@…, mttp, dgoulet, phw new asn defect Medium
#10061 Complete specification for generalised PT composition dcf, asn new infinity0 enhancement Medium
#10677 Run unit tests for pluggable transports when building Tor Browser Bundle asn, mikeperry, dcf, infinity0 assigned kpdyer enhancement Medium
#10680 Provide more statistics on current public bridges asn, lunar, karsten, isis, yawning assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#11101 Bridges should report implementation versions of their pluggable transports asn, phw, yawning, isis new enhancement Medium
#12547 Get analysed data from bridge reachability tests to tor-devs asn, vmon, sysrqb, dcf, hellais, isis, phw needs_information sysrqb task Medium
#13987 Apply laplace noise to other statistics karsten, asn, dgoulet new enhancement Medium
#14006 Hidden service error: "We'd like to launch a circuit to handle a connection, but we already have 32 general-purpose client circuits..." fdsfgs@…, asn needs_information defect Medium
#15593 Bring sanity to the tor side of the PT shutdown process. asn, dcf accepted yawning enhancement Medium
#16120 Detect if the network goes down yawning, n8fr8, asn, catalyst new enhancement Medium
#16756 Formalize and document what it takes for a PT to get deployed. asn, dcf, mikeperry, isabela, gk new yawning task Medium
#17216 Make Tor Browser's updater work over Hidden Services isis, asn, special, mikeperry, gk, mcs, brade, whonix-devel@…, boklm, weasel, ln5 new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#17295 Route-selection and guard-selection logic completely replaced asn new enhancement Medium
#17591 Use channel padding to obscure circuit setup asn, yawning, special, dgoulet, teor, mikeperry new enhancement Medium
#17640 Handle CREATE/CREATED cell processing gracefully under load. asn assigned yawning enhancement Medium
#18696 .onion names contain their own validator, we should use that asn new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#19656 Shared random state doesn't expire when clock changes? dgoulet, asn new defect Medium
#20007 Sandbox causing crash when setting HidServAuth when there is a hidden service running segfault, asn needs_information defect Medium
#21006 Reduce NumDirectoryGuards to 1 asn, teor new defect Medium
#21117 can't migrate onion services to single-hop onion services asn new defect Medium
#21297 Hidden service unavailable. asn new defect Medium
#21446 Number of Introduction Points for a (SingleOnion?) HS seems variable, or degrades with time asn needs_information defect Medium
#22088 pluggable transport specs need to be more consistent about quoting asn, dcf, serene, arlolra, isis new defect Medium
#22235 Add new graph showing the average onion service descriptor count per directory mikeperry, asn, dgoulet new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#22728 Long-lived onion service circuits can enable guard discovery asn new defect Medium
#23367 Take descriptor upload overlap into account when estimating version 3 onion address counts asn new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#24815 Validate shared random state dates before each voting period asn assigned asn defect Medium
#25096 Bump up NumNTorsPerTAP to squeeze out v2 onion service traffic? asn new task Medium
#25754 Make Prop#291 choices arma, isis, asn, nickm new defect Medium
#25883 Onion services do not provide stream events to control port asn, dgoulet new defect Medium
#25955 onion v2 deprecation plan asn, dmr new enhancement Medium
#26294 attacker can force intro point rotation by ddos asn needs_revision asn defect Medium
#27551 Build HTTPS Everywhere with the SecureDrop custom ruleset update channel gk, arthuredelstein, mcs, asn new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#27636 .onion indicator for non-self-signed but non-trusted sites asn, antonela, tbb-team assigned pospeselr defect Medium
#27725 Stealthy onions should appear to be offline asn, dgoulet new defect Medium
#28186 HS v3 suggestion as to how to generate a secure service client authentication key pair asn new enhancement Medium
#28190 Hidden service v2 exceeded launch limit with 11 intro points in the last 37 seconds asn new defect Medium
#28424 Refactor hs_service_callback() to no longer need to run once per second? dgoulet, nickm, grote, asn new defect Medium
#28520 tbb-testsuite: fix the tor_bridge test tbb-team, asn assigned tbb-team defect Medium
#28962 circuits are not both ready. Stalling conn. asn, dgoulet new defect Medium
#29134 Document the max number of v3 client auths I can make dgoulet, asn assigned haxxpop defect Medium
#29802 Document the v3 onion service key files in the tor man page asn, dmr new defect Medium
#30250 we should retire the 'rpm packaging' trac component asn new hiviah enhancement Medium
#30578 The circuitpadding_circuitsetup_machine test: Re-enable, remove, re-document, or ___? asn, mikeperry needs_revision asn defect Medium
#30926 OnionPerf requests to onion service fail close towards completion with TGEN/READ error asn needs_information defect Medium
#31002 circpadding: Middle node did not accept our padding request mikeperry, asn assigned mikeperry defect Medium
#31632 hs-v3: Service doesn't re-upload descriptor on circuit failure asn needs_revision dgoulet defect Medium
#31788 Circuit padding trace simulator pulls, asn, dgoulet, nickm new enhancement Medium
#31795 Vanguard('apt install vangaurd' one) bug report mikeperry, asn new defect Medium
#32249 Speed up practracker, by passing it a list of modified file names nickm, asn new enhancement Medium
#32604 Add HiddenServiceExportRendPoint and HiddenServiceExportInstanceID directive asn needs_revision moonsikpark enhancement Medium
#33032 Decode key files with Unix or Windows newlines dgoulet, asn merge_ready nickm defect Medium
#33352 Warning: RELAY_COMMAND_INTRODUCE_ACK on padding circuit asn, mikeperry assigned asn defect Medium
#33421 Track which Guard is used for experimental measurements acute, mikeperry, asn accepted karsten enhancement Medium
#33503 LeakSanitizer detected memory leak with Tor (git-6472d9cfdf1198cf) asn assigned asn defect Medium
#34082 Master ticket for client side rendezvous circuit related bugs that cause reachability problems in HSv3 land asn, dgoulet new defect Medium
#34083 Client rendezvous circuit is no longer in circuit_wait but in pending_entry_connections asn, dgoulet new defect Medium
#34086 HSv3: Bug Non-fatal assertion in hs_client.c:776: client_rendezvous_circ_has_opened asn, dgoulet assigned dgoulet defect Medium
#34087 HSv3: Bug: Non-fatal assertion in hs_client.c:981: close_or_reextend_intro_circ asn, dgoulet assigned dgoulet defect Medium
#34262 Add ahf as a committer to tor.git nickm, asn new tor-gitadm task Medium
#34303 Find out why onion service measurements have gotten slower metrics-team, dennis.jackson, dgoulet, acute, phw, asn, gaba, nickm merge_ready karsten defect Medium
#34385 Be consistent with onion service terms ggus, antonela, asn, dgoulet, brade, mcs, gk, alsmith new tbb-team defect Medium
#8001 obfsproxy makes tor warn when one bridge is down dcf, asn, isis new defect Low
#13484 Do we have edge cases with rend_consider_descriptor_republication()? Can we refactor it to be cleaner? asn, dgoulet new task Low
#19565 SR: Use trunnel for the shared random value construction dgoulet, asn new enhancement Low
#27446 hs: Report configuration error on the control port asn new defect Low
#31832 Coverage flapping in hs_get_responsible_hsdirs() asn, dgoulet new defect Low
#32859 Tor man docs missing DoS log example asn, dgoulet new atagar enhancement Low
#5271 add log messages when a hidden service consistently doesn't have any preemptive circuit ready dgoulet, asn new enhancement Very Low
#9957 Tor should consider stderr output of transport proxies asn, yawning, mcs, ahf new enhancement Very Low
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