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#5287 Turn LogMessageDomains on by default? atagar, chiiph new enhancement Low
#5401 tag control log events so arm can know they're from the same place in the code atagar new enhancement Medium
#6505 GETINFO dir/status-vote/current/consensus returns "Unrecognized key" if no consensus available atagar, brade, mcs needs_revision zwol defect Low
#7646 fix/enhance getinfo ns/id/* commands atagar new defect Medium
#8387 Unbuilt one-hop circuits sometimes hang around forever atagar, karsten, teor new defect High
#10059 capture tor log messages before control connection is opened brade, mikeperry, atagar, karsten, asn, catalyst new enhancement High
#12131 Measure connectivity patterns between relays meejah, phw, atagar, r.a@…, gk, catalyst assigned metrics-team project Medium
#12799 fingerprints - descriptor Space removal, case normalization karsten, atagar new defect Very Low
#13386 "opening new log file" line goes to err-logfile despite being at loglevel notice atagar new defect Low
#13887 Pick a reporting format for Chutney dgoulet, atagar new defect Medium
#14999 Most/all esc_for_log instances in control.c should change. atagar, brade, mcs, gk new defect Medium
#15000 bring some sanity to quoted strings in the controller api arthuredelstein, atagar, gk needs_revision defect Medium
#15469 Remove data structure containing unique IP address sets nickm, Sebastian, atagar, beastr0@… new enhancement High
#17120 Fire a circuit status control port event when circuit isolation changes. atagar new enhancement Low
#18037 Should the user be allowed to specify FQDNs for HS TARGETs? atagar new defect Low
#18163 Consensus health doesn't track direct connection timings atagar, tjr, sina, metrics-team new tom enhancement Medium
#18165 Scripts to determine vote divergence atagar, dgoulet new enhancement Medium
#18757 Memunit config defaults say "KB" rather than "KBytes" atagar needs_revision defect Medium
#18797 Create a DescriptorGenerator for testing and maybe other purposes atagar, isis assigned metrics-team enhancement Low
#19068 Write and run a clique reachability test. atagar, phw, catalyst new task Medium
#20403 Make it easier for relay operators to find their observed bandwidth tom, atagar, metrics-team new tom enhancement Medium
#21515 Add auxiliary data on Tor relays and bridges to CollecTor atagar, iwakeh new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#22473 Do any controllers still use getinfo network-status? atagar, meejah, mcs, brade new defect Medium
#24110 document control protocol router status format surprises when using microdescriptors atagar, catalyst new defect Medium
#27699 Release teams: please verify the website lists the correct key atagar, arma new task Medium
#28356 DataDirectoryGroupReadable and CacheDirectoryGroupReadable conflicts forcing sandboxed Tor to crash atagar new defect High
#28675 Deprecate standard cookie authentication atagar new enhancement Medium
#28676 Tor versions of Tor nodes should be accessible through ControlPort atagar new enhancement Medium
#28760 Option/* format for ControlPort options needs to be homogeneous atagar new defect Medium
#28982 Refactor GETINFO dir/ so that new tor/ URLs automatically become GETINFOs atagar, rl1987 accepted rl1987 enhancement Medium
#32157 When bridges lines leave out the fingerprint, how should controllers look them up by id? atagar, pospeselr, phw, cohosh, mcs new defect Medium
#33639 Add CHANNEL_CLOSED reason to specs atagar assigned nickm defect Medium
#33640 Add PATH_BIAS_TESTING purpose to specs atagar assigned nickm defect Medium
#33781 DocTor chokes on malformed dirreq-stats-end line atagar, nickm assigned ahf defect Medium
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