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#15272 Think of more research questions that we can answer with statistics isabela, karsten, dgoulet, teor new task High
#19570 Shared random round gets out of sync dgoulet, asn reopened enhancement High
#23875 Facebook's onion site is a single hop onion, but clicking on the Tor onion icon shows that it is a 6 hop circuit. dgoulet new tbb-team defect High
#3711 Application support for optimistic data: Torsocks iang@…, mwenge, Matthew.Finkel@…, dgoulet@… needs_revision sysrqb task Medium
#7875 debian obfsproxies can't advertise ports under 1024 asn, mo, weasel, torvlnt33r@…, mttp, dgoulet new asn defect Medium
#13887 Pick a reporting format for Chutney dgoulet, atagar new defect Medium
#13987 Apply laplace noise to other statistics karsten, asn, dgoulet new enhancement Medium
#16570 Add new 'awaiting backport' state for Trac tickets? nickm, dgoulet, isabela new erinn enhancement Medium
#17357 rend_service_relaunch_rendezvous() ignores rend_service_requires_uptime() dgoulet, asn new defect Medium
#17591 Use channel padding to obscure circuit setup asn, yawning, special, dgoulet, teor new mikeperry enhancement Medium
#17810 TorFlow should ignore self-reported bandwidths when measuring relays dgoulet, aagbsn, starlight@…, s7r, tyseom new defect Medium
#18165 Scripts to determine vote divergence atagar, dgoulet new enhancement Medium
#19162 Make it even harder to become HSDir dgoulet, special, teor, nickm accepted arma defect Medium
#19522 HS intro circuit retry logic fails when network interface is down dgoulet, special, timonh, stephan needs_revision defect Medium
#19656 Shared random state doesn't expire when clock changes? dgoulet, asn new defect Medium
#21084 sometimes we call circuit has_opened() more than 2 times on client side dgoulet accepted dgoulet defect Medium
#21325 Installing Schleuder dgoulet, weasel new qbi defect Medium
#21345 Do relays count dir reqs as completed before they're complete? teor, karsten, dgoulet new task Medium
#21446 Number of Introduction Points for a (SingleOnion?) HS seems variable, or degrades with time dgoulet, asn needs_information defect Medium
#21952 .Onion everywhere?: increasing the use of onion services through automatic redirects and aliasing dgoulet, asn, ilf, gk, isabela, arma, fdsfgs@…, hacim, guido@…, alec.muffett@…, mrphs, brade, mcs, catalyst, arthuredelstein, a.krey@…, phw reopened linda project Medium
#22235 Add new graph showing the average onion service descriptor count per directory mikeperry, asn, dgoulet new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#22260 Schleuder does not decrypt and re-encrypt attachments dgoulet needs_revision hiro defect Medium
#22331 Tor needs to stop trying to read directories before it changes users intrigeri, dgoulet new defect Medium
#24986 Implement prop#249 "Large Create Cells" dgoulet, isis, nickm new enhancement Medium
#25124 Stem v3 Onion Service support asn, dgoulet needs_information atagar defect Medium
#25277 Summarise the format of v3 hidden service addresses in the Tor man page dgoulet, nickm, asn, arma new defect Medium
#25536 Build (and document) a set of habits around our schleuder replies dgoulet@… new hiro defect Medium
#25538 TLS reachability of directory authorities dgoulet new task Medium
#25552 prop224: Onion service rev counters are useless and actually harmful for scalability dgoulet new defect Medium
#13484 Do we have edge cases with rend_consider_descriptor_republication()? Can we refactor it to be cleaner? asn, dgoulet new task Low
#19565 SR: Use trunnel for the shared random value construction dgoulet, asn new enhancement Low
#5271 add log messages when a hidden service consistently doesn't have any preemptive circuit ready dgoulet, asn new enhancement Very Low
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